My boss that a humorous top ten list would be fun today. I'm a little beyond thinking so here's a quick one. Just because…

Google PageRank – 10 – Does that seem biased to you?

Yahoo PageRank – 9 – Not bad considering Google apparently has almost 50% more links — according to Yahoo.

MSN PageRank – 9 – Okay, frankly a little surprised by that, but then again it is MSN.

Netscape PageRank – 9 – Again, a little surprised.

Ask PageRank – 9 – Cool. We like Ask. It's a little forward thinking.

AltaVista PageRank – 9 – Whatever.

Baidu PageRank – 7 – Maybe Google just doesn't get them.

Toile PageRank – 7 – French language Canadian directory that can clearly use some link love.

A9 PageRank – 7 – search.

Ebay PageRank – 9 – Ebay? Search? IMHO if you don't search for things on ebay, what do you do? It qualifies.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy