American Willingness to Buy From Canadian Retailers [Study]

One of the biggest questions we’ve been curious about when it comes to Canadian retailers is whether or not their location in Canada is off-putting for potential American customers. Does the fact that a website promotes itself as “Canadian” or [...]

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Why There Is No Share Count On Your Twitter Button (& How To Get Counts)

If you haven't looked at your website over the weekend, you came to the office this morning, checked your site and wondered "hey, where is the share count on my Twitter button?"

For most people your Tweet button looked [...]

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How To Use Product Spotlights To Drive Conversions

What is a Product Spotlight and how do you use it to make more conversions?
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Getting E-Commerce Site Structure Right

Information architecture isn't the most thrilling of subjects, so I'm going to quickly walk you through the principles so that implementing it properly can become second nature.
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How SEO Copywriters Should Deal With Word Count Worries

"For Google an article has to be 500 words long" -- "no, 200 is OK" ... No... or is it? Expert writer Mandy Boyle sheds lights on SEO copywriting and word count
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5 Ways To Increase Your Non-profit's Online Exposure

SEO for non-profits: get ranked in the search results. SEO pros weigh in on free ways non-profits can gain better online exposure through paid and natural search.
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Maximize Existing Link Value With Link Optimization

You've probably seen a story like this before. You win a new client. They've got an extensive network of stores. They've got a good level of consumer awareness. They've been in business, and online, for over 10 years (hello [...]

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Don't Overlook These Elements For A Successful Marketing Campaign

Each stage of a marketing plan has many levels of complexity. As with any endeavor, the plan is often the simplest description of intent. Even when areas of complexity are highlighted, actually putting the plan into action is [...]

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Which Pages Receive The Most Internal Traffic [Google Analytics]


What we're looking for is to also answer the question "how to see which pages/posts receive the most traffic". A little bit like finding popular landing pages.

E.g.: you have a site with 1000 pages that link liberally [...]

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How To Build The Framework For Brand Storytelling


Stories are at the heart of every brand, which is why effective storytelling is crucial for engaging target audiences. Even beyond engagement, it is the most effective way to earn your prospects' trust, and by extension, their business. [...]

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