Social Signals Suck: Why Google Still Prefers The Gameable Link

Aren't you tired of constantly hearing about how Google is going to replace traditional links with social links soon? Every few months, an "expert" publishes a case study explaining that social links are ranking factors, and then surmises that social [...]

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11+ Tools To Track Content Engagement

Do people really care about your content? It used to be that you could tell how people felt because they would tell you by commenting on your blog, but many blogs find that comments are declining and even turn comments [...]

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How To Get Data For A Specific List Of URLs In Google Analytics

When running a campaign, you would want to track performance of campaign pages. When optimizing a website, you will need to evaluate performance of a content category on your site or a set of pages. There are a couple of [...]

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20 IFTTT Recipes To Master Social Media Marketing

There are many aspects to digital marketing that require constant surveillance and monitoring, perhaps none more so than social media. In a day and age where customers go online, tweet at a company and respect a response instantly, it's quite [...]

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4 Online Resources For The Rookie Graphic Designer

There are many online tools out there to help you create beautiful graphics quickly and efficiently. A simple Google search reveals free services such as PiktoChart, Venngage, and Canva. While these are quite simply drag, drop, and type tools, they're [...]

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How To Use Product Reviews To Drive SEO

If you're not doing product reviews you're missing out on some powerful opportunities to drive traffic to your site and drive readers to convert into buyers
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How to Use AdWords Ad Customizers [PPC]

What Are PPC Ad Customizers Anyway?
PPC ad customizers are a feature of Google Adwords that allow you to change details in your PPC ads and do so dynamically - meaning you can effectuate instant changes as and when you need [...]

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Website Analytics: Plugins That Provide Post Stats

When I built my first WordPress website, and I am using the word "built" liberally, I was encouraged by how many plugins could support the goals I had and what I wanted to do. But these days, the market offers [...]

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3 Psychological Tools To Use In Landing Page Design

The human brain is an incredible tool, but it can also be puzzling. For the landing page designer, the human brain presents the greatest challenge as well as the greatest ally.

You might not have thought about how psychology plays into [...]

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4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Blogging Slump

Blogging can easily become just a repetitive task. Something you do, have to do, because... because. 4 Sure fire ways to prevent getting into or help you egtting out of a blogging slump.
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