What's the single most important element of good social media engagement? Your content.

With good content you can attract an audience with so much more ease. And at the end of the day, you end up with an excellent brand image.

The only way to consistently share content is through content curation.

Content curation is about finding quality content that is relevant to your audience.

Content Curation Software

There are tools that can aggregate content based on simple keyword searches.

They include well known products like Flipboard, Smart Brief, Pocket, Storify, and Prismatic.

Me, I'm partial to DrumUp. It uses natural language processing algorithms to recommend fresh content, based on the keywords you set for each account connected with the tool. What's even better is you can use the tool to queue the content and even schedule the posting time. (Disclosure: I write for the DrumUp blog)

Subscribe To RSS Feeds

One of the best ways to get good content is through RSS feeds, which are like an eternal waterfall of content.

To easily manage all your feeds use an RSS aggregator like Feedly or InoReader.

These RSS readers also come with mobile apps, making it easy for you to access your curated content across devices.

Use News Aggregators

News aggregators work in a similar way. They are a rich source of news articles, blog posts, and various other kinds of content.

Their advantage is that you can search through a large amount of sources in one shot.

Google News is one of the best news aggregators out there.

Three Important Elements Of Content Sharing

Got content to share? Keep these three things in mind:

1. Add Value

Don't just post anything and expect to grow your reach. Make sure the content you share is for your audience. Understand the kind of content that they're already engaging with and share similar content. And experiment with different content formats to catch their attention.

2. Time

To get the most out of your content, post it at the right time.

Use analytical tools like Followerwonk to identify when your audience is most likely to interact. Or use an tool like HootSuite which can automatically schedule updates at the times your audience is most likely present.

3. Be Consistent

Put a posting schedule in place. Make only minimal changes in your content structure.

Consistency makes your content recognizable, which leads to higher engagement.

* Lead image adapted from Steven Rosenbaum