Google BL and PR update under way

by Donna Fontenot October 20th, 2005

So, the latest SERPs update has been named Update Jagger, and now backlinks and PageRank are beginning to be updated as well. Jagger was chosen as the name because the Rolling Stones will be playing in Vegas at the time of the WMW conference, and Matt Cutts has been called the Mick Jagger of Search. […]

Recent small Google updates and PR BL changes soon

by Donna Fontenot October 18th, 2005

According to Matt Cutts, there have been a few small updates in the recent past (which of course everyone already knew), and there should be a visible PR and Backlink update within the next few days. Matt says there were some changes on September 22 (yes, that coincides with a bunch of forum threads) as […]

Some churn in some Google SERPs

by Donna Fontenot October 17th, 2005

Although it does not appear to be across the board, many webmasters are seeing some drastic changes in the Google SERPs. I do not see any significant differences in the results for any of the sectors I normally track, but there is enough talk out there to indicate something has been going on. I have […]

SEO FAQ interactive site

by Donna Fontenot October 15th, 2005

An interesting new SEO site was brought to my attention where questions about SEO are answered by the users themselves (if they are so inclined). The site describes itself as being created for the general webmaster as well as for SEO companies to share information with each other as well as serve as a reference […]

Managing dynamic meta tags?

by Donna Fontenot October 12th, 2005

I often see people wondering how to create unique meta tags on their dynamic PHP site. I just came across a tool that might be the answer for you. It is called phpMyMeta and is available at I say "might" because the description is short and I have no direct experience with the script, […]

Looking for seo tips from Matt Cutts?

by Donna Fontenot October 10th, 2005

Well, ok, maybe seo tips is stretching it a bit, but Aaron interviews Matt Cutts, and perhaps you can glean a tip or two out of the interview if you try real hard. In case you do not know who Aaron and Matt are, the first is a well-known SEO and author of the SEO […]

Ranking factors article gets even better

by Donna Fontenot October 7th, 2005

Last week, I mentioned that Randfish had created a search ranking factors document that was really first rate. Today, however, you get to read the revised edition, with votes and comments from a select group of search engine marketers. If you don't learn something from this document, then you should read it over again. This […]

Matt Cutts blog content falls to dup content filter

by Donna Fontenot October 4th, 2005 has "stolen" content from Matt Cutts blog in a duplicate content test, and sure enough, a search for a unique phrase on his blog results in Google being unable to determine the original content. For example, a search for "carry the clickthrough from one NodeGroup to a different currency" that I grabbed from one […]

Backlink anchor text tool

by Donna Fontenot October 4th, 2005

My favorite kind of SEO tool. These kinds of tools always make me happy. Once again, webuildpages has put out a new, free tool that I love. Quite simply, it checks your backlinks and tells you what each one uses for the anchor text. Sweet! Plain, simple, and useful. What could be better? Oh yeah…the […]


by Donna Fontenot October 1st, 2005

Had to share some pictures of my sweet granddaughter, McKayla. Isn't that what grandmothers do? Dang, she sure is beautiful!