First Yahoo, then MSN (Live), then Ask

I've made a decision to switch to a different default search engine at least for the time being. This week I'll be using Yahoo! exclusively, unless I absolutely can't find what I'm looking for. Next week will be [...]

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Rant: Google data refreshes suck

I just had to say it. Time after time, with each data refresh that Google pushes out, I see old data being pushed through. Once in a while, they seem to get it right, but more often than [...]

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Pittbug blogs!

I consider Reuben Yau, aka Pittbug, to be a PPC expert, so I'm excited to see that he has finally decided to start blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere, Reuben.

By |December 9th, 2006|Content|3 Comments

My thoughts on Google, click fraud, terrorism sponsorship and more

Obviously, the Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal story about Google possibly helping fund terrorists groups by displaying ads on terrorist sites has brought about a large response. Yes, the article title is obviously designed for linkbait. Yes, [...]

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SEO Spyglass is a very nice free SEO tool

I love SEO tools. I check out every one that comes my way. Then, I tend to tell you about each of them. Today's gem is a free (for now) tool called SEO Spyglass. This [...]

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SEO videos for beginners

SEO Videos by GSINC is a nice set of free SEO tutorial videos aimed at the SEO newbie. They are short pieces about a single topic so beginners won't get overwhelmed. Great idea, and I hope they continue [...]

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Search Engine Watch staff blogging SES Chicago

Elisabeth Osmeloski, the Managing Editor of Search Engine Watch, just informed me that two of the SEW Forum moderator staff are stepping up to take over some blogging duties during SES Chicago – Chris Boggs & Frank Watson (aussie webmaster). [...]

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A bundle of SEO tools

You do use WeBuildPages' great SEO tools, right? I mean, hey, they are free. Besides that, they give you all sorts of great info. I've been using some of the tools for a long time. I'd [...]

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Cool WordPress stuff

I am in the process of setting up a new WordPress blog. (Will share the url some other time). I haven't gone through this process in a while, so I've discovered that WordPress has gotten cooler. Well, [...]

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Dealing with a site undergoing the change

My oldest site, (circa 2000), needs to undergo a complete change. Everything, including the theme, platform, content, hosting, and design needs to be completely redone. This is a task I'm dreading, not only because it's going to be [...]

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