Internet discounts and coupon codes

This is not SEO-related really, but well, I just don't have anything to say about SEO today. Instead, let's talk about discounts. A few weeks ago, I ordered a laptop bag from ebags. After I placed the [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from SEO Scoop

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this today, no matter where you live. I thank you for sharing time with me as I blather on about SEO. I hope that you and your loved ones have much to [...]

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Mountain Commerce 6.0 – search engine friendly ecommerce

While at Pubcon, I had a chance to chat with the friendly guys from Mountain Media about their new search engine friendly ecommerce package, Mountain Commerce. I was interested in the product, because truly se friendly commerce packages are [...]

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Adam Lasnik on link exchanges

Adam Lasnik said on Google Groups:

...reciprocal links have been around forever, and Google doesn't frown on engaging in reciprocal linking in moderation.

The key here is, indeed, moderation 🙂 . If, say, 90% of your backlinks are reciprocal, that's probably not [...]

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Egg on webmasters face – or is it?

I have to relate a very humorous story that happened at Pubcon a few days ago. Please read all the way through because the ending is special.

It always amazes me that anyone would volunteer their sites during the site [...]

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Data push going on with Google right now?

Looks to me like a data push began on the 16th and is rolling through still. I'm seeing major changes on a couple of sites and have seen a few others mention it around the web. Looking at [...]

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4 PubCon SEO tips and tidbits

A couple of snippets of SEO tips/tidbits mentioned at the conference that I wanted to note while I still remember them:

If a url has no cache link in the Yahoo SERPs....it's probably got a penalty on it.

Matt Cutts said the [...]

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Great people of PubCon

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the great people I met this week at PubCon. I do have a wee bit of spirits in me thanks to the great guys at Linkworth, so pardon me if [...]

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Yahoo and MSN now supporting Google sitemap protocol

The Google blog just announced that Yahoo and MSN will be officially supporting the sitemap XML protocol that Google created last year. You can get more information on the protocol at sitemaps.org.

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Quick note and link

Guy Kawasaki was the keynote speaker this morning here at PubCon, and he was one funny dude. Very entertaining speaker. And since he begged us all to link to him, I thought I'd throw him a bone. [...]

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