2007 U.S. Internet Year Stats Released by comScore

by The Doug January 30th, 2008 

…and now here it is for everyone to see!

Leading digital world measuring company, comScore, Inc. released a report today announcing the major trends in U.S. Internet activity last year. A great article on CNNMoney.com actually goes into some really good detail on who the top-gaining properties were for the year as well as site categories, and core search market growth.

Its quite a fascinating thing to look at, seeing where there has been growth, and just thinking back through the year at what events could have been the reason. For example, the top gaining site category in 2007 was Politics, but with the 2008 elections at hand, that's not a surprise. Here is a chart so you can see for yourself and draw what conclusions you may based on the numbers (Just click on it to get a better image of it):

comScore Top 10 Gaining Categories by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors (U.S.)

I'd love to hear your idea of what drove these various increased searches, so please by all means share your thoughts.

Now the metric that was not at all surprising was the ranking for Core Search Query Growth with Google Sites coming in first, followed by Yahoo! Sites, Microsoft Sites, Time Warner Network, and Ask Network respectively. "More than 113 billion core searches were conducted in the U.S. during all of 2007, with Google Sites accounting for nearly 64 billion, representing a 56% share of the market."

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