RSS Analytics: How To Analyze Your Feed’s Growth

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Lay Down Google Analytics. Analyze Your RSS Growth Instead
A recent analysis by 45n5 states that the average RSS subscriber syndicated to an Internet Marketing| SEO | Make Money Online niche is worth about $31 in intangible value. [...]

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Dont Even Get Me Started

Google Knol. OMG. Don't even get me started on what I think of that. Talk about handing the keys to the kingdom right on over to the dictator. Here, you've already got 99% of the control [...]

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Google Local Search Symposium

While most of us were at Pubcon last week, Google put on a by invitation only Local Symposium. This meeting was to go over Google's rules and best practices, and to discuss some of its ongoing efforts with call [...]

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The Best Acquisition Tool Ever – Or – Why I Like My Boss

Codicil: Anyone who knows me know I'm the second last person in the world to suck up to the boss... (I'd say last but that's too much like aspiring to a recognizable title, which I don't as a rule [...]

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Google Being Backed Into A Corner?

John Battelle has listed an exhaustive list of questions that a House Representative is asking Google to answer. This representative is "the senior Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has Internet regulation as one of its [...]

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Pay It Forward Link

Eric Cho of semhints.com has a meme going in which we each link to a search-related site with no expectations of getting anything in return (which means I don't need to link to Eric and you won't link to me). [...]

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Top 5 SEO Client Questions…Answered

Organic search can sometimes be difficult for a marketing person to get their head around. This is because Organic search doesn't follow regular business rules. It follows Google's Rules.

In business most of us are familiar with the rules [...]

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Video Search Optimization – Stephen Spielberg … You’re Gonna Need Us!

Its true! Let me explain. While I was at Pubcon in Las Vegas last week, I sat in on a couple of sessions about video optimization, and had this revelation that almost certainly will come to fruition. Search optimization of [...]

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There’s Focus in the Long Tail

Alex Iskold opined on Read/Write Web why there's no money in the long tail of the blogosphere.

Here's one of the reasons why he's wrong.

It's Not About the Money

Alex looks at the shortest possible route: [...]

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