Twitter your SEO campaign in higher rankings

Michelle Corsano recently published Test Tube Twitter (1) (2). In her blog she wrote about the three essential ingredients: strategy, content, and resources. In my first blog on Search Engine People I want to elaborate on using Twitter for your SEO strategy.


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My 2010 To Do List: A Quest for Improved Personal Branding.

2010 is just around the corner. If you are new to the internet marketing biz, or trying to figure out ways to boost your personal online presence (and garner respect from potential clients or employers) these are things that you [...]

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2009 Holiday Funnies: Just for Fun Comics

Since most people are on vacation and only a few hold-outs are still working hard, we thought we'd bring you some funnies today instead of the usual heavier fare. Enjoy!



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Get Naked Online

“I've been tryin' to write the lyric
Non-offensive but satiric too
And if you put it in the A-slot
It's just got to make a mint for [...]

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The tenuous lifecycle of the modern social network

Just recently the much vaunted Foursquare finally made its way into the Australian market. Which of course sent the Aussie early adopters into a feeding frenzy, in the process flooding my Twitter stream and RSS reader with local Foursquare buzz. For most of 2009, weve heard about how Foursquare could be the next Twitter. Weve heard how it may finally bring some real substance to the mobile marketing hype. But rather than writing another article about the potential of Foursquare, I thought itd be far more interesting to tackle the fad-like nature that sees the rapid rise and fall of modern social networks.


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How To Organize Your Copywriting Business

You would think that someone with as many obsessive compulsive tendencies as I have would be very organized and have a strict routine for handling the management of her copywriting clients. After all, Phenomenal Content continues to gain new clients [...]

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Listen to Your People

Have you lost touch? A question we should all ask ourselves during the holidays. Just kidding. Must be the copious amounts of wrapping paper, ribbons and cards talking. I'm not jaded...What I mean is have you lost touch with your [...]

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Using Google Analytics as an Alternative to Website Optimizer

Recently while doing some banner conversion rate testing with an eCommerce client, we found that our numbers were not adding up correctly. The problem was that Website Optimizer limits the test set to a specific action on the part of [...]

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Is the only protectionist ORM strategy one that embraces optimised social media?

Personalisation and real-time have been seriously big topics in SEO and social media news in recent weeks. Prior to Googles recent real-time search results announcement, my interest in real-time search was beginning to wane, as although it was en [...]

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Promote Yourself and Build Links via Posting to High-Profile Blogs in Various Niches

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and initiate some viral effect. It is not a new concept; I for one have been guest blogging for years. And that's for my first guest post [...]

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