Ruud Questions: Ben McKay interviews Ruud Hein

by Ben McKay December 18th, 2009

What has been the biggest change in search, that has effected professionals in the industry in recent years?  Social networks. Social media. The commodisation of recommendations. When we started to have blogs we said that it was a game changer because anypme could be a publisher " but that was a blatant lie. Anyone could […]

Why Local Businesses Should Advertise on Facebook

by Helen M. Overland December 17th, 2009

There is One Key Question that Local advertisers are asking themselves right now, more than ever before. As people shift to to communicating and searching for information online, traditional advertising models may not be as effective as they were in previous years. This means that Advertisers are having to struggle with the Key Question in […]

Keywords Research: Back to the Roots Of SEO

by Terry Van Horne December 16th, 2009

Keywords that click by Barry Welford inspired an exchange between Ruud and I resulting in Ruud emailing me and asking me to expand on my thoughts on the audience being less a part of the keywords discovery process. I think of it more of a case of SEO's loosing touch with their audience. By the […]

Learn SEO: How to Do Onpage Search Engine Optimization

by Stephanie Woods December 16th, 2009

Is onpage optimization necessary? In all honesty it is only one small part of the search engine ranking equation. Optimizing your website as your sole tactic will not help you to get to the number one spot on Google (for anything competitive at least). The good news is that it will help. Think of it […]

Bing: Negative Conversion a No-No

by Ruud Hein December 15th, 2009

I'm so fed up with Google's SERP and general "whatever" attitude that I'm using Bing as my default search engine " and liking it a lot, too. Not only has it got cleaner, less spam ridden results for some searches than Google does; Firefox's top thinks it has a better, safer privacy policy too. That […]

Looking at PPC trends leading up to the Holidays, after the Holidays and what you can do to make sure you're in market and you're capturing the opportunity that's out there.

SEP Moves to New Corporate Headquarters

by Helen M. Overland December 14th, 2009

Search Engine People Inc. is very proud to announce the opening of our new corporate headquarters in Ajax, Ontario. The new 12,000 sq ft facility, located at the Ajax GO Train Station, will allow Search Engine People to meet the continually growing demand for Internet marketing services. Due to our 100% per year growth, more […]

The 5 Things I Hate About Social Media

by Brian Carter December 14th, 2009

This is a rant. But just so you don't get me wrong here, let me preface this with my qualifications: I direct Social Media for an interactive marketing agency I've been heavily involved in resulted-oriented Social Media promotions for about two years I cofounded a Twitter advertising platform I have more than 30,000 twitter followers, […]

Test Tube Twitter: Part II

by Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier December 11th, 2009

Previously on Test Tube Twitter: Part I, you learned of Twitters usage patterns that attest to its early adopter nature, along with some business case examples. Is Twitter right for your business? How can you get started? Three Main Ingredients If your company is evaluating conducting a Twitter experiment, here are the essential ingredients to […]

A look into the new AdWords Ad Sitelinks feature, and how it can help you in your quest for better performing PPC campaigns!