4 Starter Tips for Novice SEO People

If you are looking to do SEO on your site or are being asked to do SEO things for your company - going at it in the right way will really help you out. There is a reason that there [...]

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Linkbait: The New “Fake!”



The new online citizens are world savvy. You're not pulling one over their eyes – and they're not afraid to vocalize that either.

The obvious concern here is that the value of [...]

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Discover What Google Really Thinks Of Your Pages

What does Google REALLY think of your site's pages? Think PageRank gives a clue? Perhaps if we were shown true PageRank, we could use it as a somewhat reliable gauge, but unfortunately, we don't have that luxury. [...]

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Ruud Questions: Glen Allsopp aka ViperChill

I had been following Glens blog when it suddenly became awefully quiet. Then it appeared I was still following him but on another blog, one where I should have known or remembered that this was his site but [...]

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Google Analytics Filter Best Practices

This is the third post in a 3 part series on Google Analytics setup Best Practices. Google Analytics is something we sometimes take for granted, but in reality sometimes accounts with years of data have to be abandoned simply because [...]

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Keyword Research: A Proven System

This process on Keyword Research I am about to teach is one of many that I will be sharing with you on systems that I use in my daily business for myself, clients, and students. It is a proven system [...]

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Spending Time On Your Website

Spending Time On Your Website perhaps brought to mind a possible visit to check out some of your favourite web pages.  However the phrase has a much more important sense that could well be a call to action. 


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Link Mining for Backlink Gems

In case you missed it, there was a great post about mining GeoCities backlinks recently. It basically pointed out that, with the closure of all GeoCities sites, there were now some sweet backlinks up for grabs for those that were [...]

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How To Friday

So its Friday, the #pubcon stream is about to dry up but the week isnt done yet. And if youre working for yourself you dont want it to be done either because " my God! --  otherwise youre seriously running [...]

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Ruud Questions: Michelle Corsano

I love following people from all walks of life on Twitter. To learn from and be inspired by.

Michelle Corsano is a marketing professor at the University of Toronto where she teaches Tools & Fundamentals of Web Marketing. On [...]

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