Now #Trending: Offline Social Media

by Caitlin Melvin December 24th, 2010

Social media outlets can be a great tool for promoting your business or brand. The most popular way to get traffic onto your social media pages is of course to add follow and share buttons to your website. However, a new and innovative way to draw attention to your Twitter or Facebook page is offline social media.

You're an SEO? Then this is what you should be getting your significant other

Duplicate content penalty: Myth or fact?

by James Duthie December 23rd, 2010

Yes… I'm going there. That old chestnut – Google's duplicate content penalty. Some have argued that the penalty simply doesn't exist. And while I tend to agree that a penalty probably doesn't exist for individual pieces of duplicated content, I have never doubted that duplicated domains were a one-way ticket to a Google butt kick. [...]

Social vs. "Street Social" (Careful With the Latter)

by Shockley Au December 22nd, 2010

You should find that sweet spot in the social spectrum, between P.R. Department Spokesperson and D.J. Words-From-The-Street.

The Decade In Search

by Ruud Hein December 21st, 2010

2000 The web is littered with search engines and directories: GoTo, MSN, Yahoo, Netscape, FAST, Lycos, iWon, Looksmart, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Excite, and others. Many were powered by other search engines, either for primary, secondary, or all results. It was so difficult to figure out who powered whom that Bruce Clay made his famous Search [...]

Be pro-active and see what can or cannot be done on your site when people with JavaScript disabled visit. Or, verify the warning your SEO audit uncovered.

How To Reap Your Digital Crop

by Scott Gould December 20th, 2010

Scott continues his Scatter, Gather, Matter series.

First impressions matter, whether they are made offline by a sales representative, or online by a visit to your website. Is the content on your website making a good first impression? Which content resonates better with new visitors?

Oh, Mark Zuckerberg, you've gone and done it again. Introducing one of the latest Facebook features: Tag Suggestions. This means that Facebook is now using facial recognition in your photos to suggest people for you to tag.

Yes You Can Do It. Without A Doubt.

by Ruud Hein December 16th, 2010

The magic of "yes you can" is in the "do it"