Duplicate content penalty: Myth or fact?

Yes... I'm going there. That old chestnut - Google's duplicate content penalty. Some have argued that the penalty simply doesn't exist. And while I tend to agree that a penalty probably doesn't exist for individual pieces of duplicated content, I have never doubted that duplicated domains were a one-way ticket to a Google butt kick. Because duplicated domains make a mockery of the quality of Google's search results. And everyone knows Google doesn't like looking stupid. Which means they probably won't like this article, because it showcases a pretty serious case of undetected duplicate domains. [...]

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Social vs. “Street Social” (Careful With the Latter)

You should find that sweet spot in the social spectrum, between P.R. Department Spokesperson and D.J. Words-From-The-Street.
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The Decade In Search


The web is littered with search engines and directories: GoTo, MSN, Yahoo, Netscape, FAST, Lycos, iWon, Looksmart, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Excite, and others. Many were powered by other search engines, either for primary, [...]

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How To (Temporarily) Disable JavaScript In Your Browser

Be pro-active and see what can or cannot be done on your site when people with JavaScript disabled visit. Or, verify the warning your SEO audit uncovered.
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How To Reap Your Digital Crop

Scott continues his Scatter, Gather, Matter series.
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Is Your Content Making a Good First Impression? [How To in GA]

First impressions matter, whether they are made offline by a sales representative, or online by a visit to your website. Is the content on your website making a good first impression? Which content resonates better with new visitors?
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Facebook Takes On Facial Recognition for New Feature: Tag Suggestions

Oh, Mark Zuckerberg, you've gone and done it again. Introducing one of the latest Facebook features: Tag Suggestions. This means that Facebook is now using facial recognition in your photos to suggest people for you to tag.
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Yes You Can Do It. Without A Doubt.

The magic of "yes you can" is in the "do it"
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Keyword & Market Research with Yahoo Clues

Yahoo surprises with a free and pretty complete keyword & market research tool.
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The Agency SEO Process – Part 3

This is a continuation of the Agency SEO Process series (Part 1 and Part 2) where I'm breaking down what a typical twelve month engagement looks like from the agency side of things. We all receive requests to [...]

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