How Many Users Have JavaScript Disabled

Just how many people have JavaScript disabled?
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Microblogging – Establishing Authority in 140 Characters… or Not

Theres this blogging platform. Normally, blogging platforms can build up thousands of readers, but it could take years to do it. With this blogging platform, however, you could have over 1,000 readers in less than a month.

Its crazy. The viral possibilities of this blogging platform are unreal. You may have 1,000 readers, but you can guarantee that many of these readers will pass your blog onto tons of people. Not only that, but the more informational your blogs are, the more helpful they are, the more theyll be passed around.

If you havent guessed yet, then you have either been living under a rock, or are a closet user... this blogging platform is called Twitter.


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9 Trust Symbols You Can Use to Increase Conversions and Customer Confidence

Trust symbols are visual signals to visitors that your site is trust-worthy. These symbols, often recognizable and provided by third parties, serve as an indication that your business is verifiably legitimate. Using trust symbols on your website, especially an e-commerce [...]

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Proof Keywords Don’t Matter

Is it about checking your rankings for certain keywords? If so, which keywords? Which rankings? Yours or mine? What matters?
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Just Who Do You Think You’re Talking To? Owning Up To Women #stats

Understand who your prospects and customers are so you can fine-tune your marketing messages.
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Practical Social Media (Part 1)

What's your ROI for Social Media? (Return on Ignoring)
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Google Chrome Web Store & Chrome OS : The Web Goes App

What the Chrome Web Store is, how it ties back into Chrome OS and how both tie back into your marketing.
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SEP is the Subject of a Toronto Star Article

SEP has once again been the recipient of "great" press ... this time with a 3/4 page article in the Small Business section of the Toronto Star. The article is titled "Ajax Firm is Searching for Success".

Article writer Paul Brent [...]

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Your Relationship With the Muse: A Writer’s Intervention

Writing isn't sitting down and waiting for the Muse to show up.
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How To Track Clicks On #Anchors in Google Analytics

Last week, a question from a client landed in my inbox, about whether or not it was possible to track clicks on anchors/fragments. Good question! While the vanilla out-of-the-box Google Analytics doesn't do this, a little bit of customization with JavaScript can do the trick. Here's how.
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