Web Writing and Writing for Print: It’s Not the Same Thing

Before the Internet, writers wrote and readers read. However, like most things, technology left its mark on the writer/reader relationship. For the Internet, writers write and readers scan. This is the largest difference among many between writing for the Web and writing for print.

Think about it. When you read a book, for the most part you plan to settle down with it and take awhile. Whether fiction or nonfiction, books are generally read for long-term pleasure.


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Sure You Can Fake It In Social Media – So Don’t

The ROI argument against being fake on social media and social networks.
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The Great Facebook Facelift of 2010

Remember in 2008 when you were so angry at Mark Zuckerberg for changing Facebook? You had to adjust to Facebook all over again, and you many of you were new to the network. Well, if you're still heated over 2008's Facebook facelift, you should prepare yourself for yet another one.
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Dress for Success: Web Design for Lasting Impression

If you look like a Million Dollars, people will believe your words have value. There is much more to good SEO than Keywords. Well-crafted Content goes hand-in-hand with attractive design for an overall professional and believable presentation.
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Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Get immediate exposure and increase targeted traffic to you blog with these 10 on-target tips.
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Why You Should Never Forget About Web Usability

13 website usability tips to get you started...
It goes without saying that some forms of usability are intrinsically linked with good SEO (Alt Tags, custom 404 pages) - but sometimes we as SEOs forget about how important usability is for [...]

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Google SERP Test: Hugging The Left Margin, Freeing Space For…

I stumbled upon a change Google seems to be testing for the search results page.

The change is visible when logged out of all Google accounts and is most apparent when viewed in a maximized browser window.


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8 Non-Monetary Rewards for Your Fans

For marketers who want to get out of endlessly discounting their product to their best customers, here are 8 ways to use Social Media and non-monetary rewards for your best customers: those that will recommend you to their large social networks. Examples include KLM, Starbucks and small businesses.
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Google Updates Rankings to Penalize Negative Reviews

To explain why Google is making this algorithm change, first you need to know the story that unfolded this week:

A couple of days ago, the New York Times ran a story about a company who claims to be generating business [...]

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Let’s Go Hating On Social Media Expert Douchebags

The essential difference betweens "douchebags" and real experts
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