Internet Marketing in 2012

by Annabelle Frost January 30th, 2012 


With the growth in technology, everyday advancements provide businesses with greater opportunities and access to larger markets. Although there are various new things that have touched the market, some old things are still very reliable and beneficial to companies.

Internet Marketing Forecasts

  • Google Plus will see little more popularity this year. Although the site did not gain much popularity last year, some effective marketing can make this social networking site better known. It is hard for any social media company to come close to the success of Facebook and its 80 million users. However, spreading awareness will help Google popularize its site.
  • Increase in the launch of free products, which are also known as freemiums. Companies offer free versions of their product but with limited functions. This helps the product create its market place and also helps consumers try it out and make up their minds before committing to a purchase. Freemiums are a benefit to businesses because a lot of customers begin by using the free model and soon upgrade to the paid versions.
  • The popularity of daily deals sites will decrease, especially the smaller ones. Last year saw the growing popularity of daily deal sites. However, businessmen noticed that these sites required good managing in order to avoid losing money and soon opted out of them. While the smaller sites will probably close down, the larger ones will continue to thrive and may be even taking over these smaller ones. These bigger sites like Groupon will come up with innovations to increase their business.
  • Business via mobile phones will become more popular. One example is Google's Wallet. Consumers will now be able to buy things, make bookings and reservations via their mobile phones. Websites will also become more mobile friendly increasing accessibility. Mobile coupons are being used more widely across stores.
  • Businesses will improve the quality of their content. The importance of high quality and interesting content has become one of the top priorities in internet marketing. Companies are emphasizing on meaningful content that can hold customers attention and often hire a professional blog writer to maintain their blog.

Tips To Consider For Internet Marketing

If your business is on social media websites, make sure it is earning you money and you are not just playing with these sites. Measure the revenue generated from your efforts. Monitor those efforts in order to keep track of trends and performance. You should make sure you are up to date with online market trends. Pay attention to brands and other competitors and ensure your strategies are effective enough. A SEO audit is necessary to make sure you are on top of the game. A provider can be hired to help your company on this and change the strategies as and where required.

Review the usability of your website and make sure it is consumer friendly. When creating websites, companies often only look through the client and the designer's perspective, the users perspective is most important. Paid search campaigns are not always the most sensible options as they are not monitored. Regular checking and upgrades can make your company receive optimal benefits from internet marketing.

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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing in 2012”

  1. L.J. says:

    If Google demonstrates that it can provide better security for users than Facebook does, then it may have a solid future.

    That's a shame about daily deals if it turns out to be true. Personally, I like those "deals" offered by sites that focus on a specific niche. They should just carefully review and modify the terms so businesses don't end up losing money. It can prove to be a win-win situation for everyone.

  2. Maciej Fita says:

    I am on a daily deal site overload right now. I signed up to a few a while back and I can't take them anymore.

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