Can Google Algorithm Updates Like Penguin & Panda Impact Local Websites?

With the recent refresh to Google's Penguin update and the continued subsequent refreshes from last year's Panda update many small businesses may wonder what impact these changes have on local search, but unlike the animals these updates are [...]

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How To Automate Your Life With IFTTT

Note: Twitter recipes no longer work as Twitter has instructed IFTTT to remove Twitter triggers

What do we all want? More time. My friend told me yesterday she wanted to automate her life. I told her about ifttt.

You probably heard of [...]

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SEP CEO Interview at SES Toronto – The Internet Has Become a Fundamental Need

SEP CEO Jeff Quipp gives an impromptu interview on the tradeshow floor at SES Toronto 2012.

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Writing Tips to Create a Strong Personal Voice

To distinguish yourself from other writers you need to develop your own personal voice.
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Small Business Website Design: 7 Tips to Increase Lead Conversion

Not getting enough leads?

I know it's really hard to generate new business leads and it's even more frustrating when you are spending lots of money and time to drive traffic to your small business website.


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5 Proven Ways To Gain Authority As A Blogger

Blogging has been around so long that, for many of us, it has almost become old hat. Sites like WordPress and Blogger have long afforded anyone and everyone the opportunity to launch a free blog. Meanwhile, sites like [...]

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How Should I Structure My Heading Tags?

Summary: structure them the way a 10 seconds common sense look at the document tells you.
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Successful Microblogging for Your Local Business

Many don't realize it, but microblogging has been around since 2005, and microblogs were initially called tumblelogs. The transition to the term microblog occurred and become more popular with the use of Twitter and Tumblr in 2006 and [...]

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How to Write Great Copy – Part One

So you have written a killer article that you know your readers and people interested in your niche will love, but the only problem you then have is how to get it in front of as many people [...]

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The 5 Stages of a Marketing Campaign.

So, you get a call from a local pizza restaurant who was referred to you by a friend. He wants to use the web to increase his visibility. What do you do? That's actually a trick question. While [...]

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