Statistics prove that a blog is one of the tops social media tools to generate traffic and boost sales for your local business.

Should I Be On Pinterest?

by Ruud Hein July 31st, 2012

The question is the proof of the answer.

The new Google Glasses promise to deliver apps, video, and all the luxuries users are currently enjoying on their mobile devices. With capabilities such as this, these sexy specs could have a huge impact on the marketing world. Check out some of the opportunities brands might have if Google Glasses become a reality.

In the wake of Penguin, thousands of low-quality links have been completely devalued. Your deep, unique, high-quality content is the best tool you have to build links back to your site – and the way to do that is to make it as linkable and shareable as possible.

Improve SERP Rankings with Long Tail Keywords

by Brian Farrell July 27th, 2012

Analysis of behavioral trends on a vertical search engine, showing how a slight change in user behavior improved organic rankings.

How To Write Great Copy – Part Two

by Alex Simmonds July 27th, 2012

An article needs to be compelling and of a high quality. But of course the question is how do I write such an article?

Do you work at fixing your own industry while hurting another because you are not a part of it and does that still make you a white hat firm knowing you are helping black hat players in another industry?

Large number of keywords you want to rank for – small budget.

Something is going to have to give.

Creating a Social Media Monitoring Plan

by Chris Marentis July 25th, 2012

You're hoping you're driving folks to your business and wisely spending your valuable time. But how do you really know? In order to determine the impact your social media efforts are making, you need to create a social media monitoring plan.

PPCcan be an incredible source of important data that can be used to learn how to exploit other channels like SEO, or to learn more about your users and your business.