10 Most Notorious Wikipedia Editing Scandals

As much as we appreciate the existence of this free, online encyclopaedia, errors – and even outright falsehoods – can sometimes creep in, reminding us that good old Wiki is often worth taking with a pinch of salt. These scandalous editing examples show just how wary you should be. Beware the ominous words, “Citation Needed.”
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How To Work With Exact Match Domains Post-Penguin

Since Penguin I've taken a slightly new approach to how I build links for exact match domains. It mainly focuses around anchor text.
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The Fallacy of Google AdWords Impression Share

Increasing your CPC bids or making changes to improve your Quality Scores might help to increase your ad rank and increase your Impression Share, but this may be at the expense of your campaign's performance and profitability.
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Adding the Rel=Author to WordPress

If you haven't yet added the Rel=Author code to your website, I highly recommend you take a few moments to set this up and will show you how to do this for your WordPress website.
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Google+ Local: What You Need to Know Now, The Top Blogs & Where to Get Help

Google+ Local is the former Google Place page with a new look and feel. Currently, it has the same functionality as before except that you can no longer upload videos or share an update.
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How I Recovered From Google Penguin (Twice)

It may not be a magic bullet, but this method may do enough to keep you afloat while you work towards cleaning up your backlink profile over the long-term.
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Finding Google Analytic’s Zero’s; How To Find Pages Without Traffic

Managing large sites is challenging. There is a lot to deal with, from the technical quirks of the content management system, managing crawl paths to the content you want to promote, without overly enthusiastic use of nofollow/noindex. There is legacy [...]

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Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Having worked in the Online Reputation Management field for over 6 years I have encountered many individuals who want a particular result for their name "removed" from the search results page. Unfortunately, removing anything from Google Search is nearly impossible.
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4 Tips to Arrange and Handle Your Pinterest Boards

It is all about knowing how to properly handle your Pinterest boards. Here are four tips to easily maintain and make the most out of your account.
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Basic web page layout in HTML5

There is a lot of buzz about HTML5 being a breakthrough which will improve websites from a design view point and SEO. Even though HTML5 won't be completely supported until 2022, there is no reason not to become [...]

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