I've been product blogging since 2006 for myself and learned a ton of things on the way. There are a ton of tools I have used that ended up being useless and others that I cannot live without. Here are 3 things that I learned about product blogging and how you can use them to improve your blog, sales and traffic.

How To Create Video Tutorials From Scratch – Part 2

by Aura Dozescu August 31st, 2012

In Part 1, we explored together the first steps in setting up our own strategy for creating video tutorials to boost our SEO efforts. Here's a little memory refreshment: 1. How to choose the topics 2. How to write the scripts At this point, we already have some nice topics for our videos and a […]

6 Ways To Make SEO Your Company's Second Nature

by Ruth Burr August 30th, 2012

Taking the view that SEO is your responsibility and yours alone will mean you stay siloed, away from the rest of the organization – which ultimately will impact your ability to be effective. Instead, as in-house SEOs its our job to make sure that search engine marketing happens – whether its done by us or by other people in the company.

Yesware – A Sales Tool To Aid Your Link Building

by Wayne Barker August 30th, 2012

Instead of taking short cuts on the links you build, you need to get smarter on how you go about it.

And that is where Yesware can help you.

Three Steps to Social Media Lead Generation

by Mike Wilton August 29th, 2012

In this post I am going to assume you are already understand that in order to generate leads you'll need to engage, build trust among your following and ultimately create relationships with existing and potential customers. With that in mind, here are three steps to get you moving on the right track.

New-comers: take a deep breath, don't overthink it and get excited about internet marketing!

Procedures are important. As soon as your stray off the procedure (or process, as he called it) there is the chance that something unexpected may go wrong. And by the very nature of abandoning the process, when something does go wrong it can be very difficult to pinpoint where the error occurred.

Simple Ways To Get Real Traffic to Your Business

by Rick LaPoint August 28th, 2012

The biggest names have highly sophisticated sites and Internet Marketing budgets that can exceed the entire revenue of most small companies. With a little Gumption, you can compete.

A Little SEO Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

by Nick Stamoulis August 27th, 2012

It's the gaps in that knowledge that leads to a search engine penalty. When it comes to SEO, if you don't know the whole picture you might be missing the most important part.

Go to Google search and type in "what is rel=author?" The search results bring up many of the experts who have written posts or articles about rel=author with their head shot pictures. Do you want to appear in the search results like they do?