Practical SEO Truths We All Seem to Forget

by Mandy Boyle September 28th, 2012

Have you ever, even for a moment, forgotten about people when you were working on a campaign?

I know, I know. You don't want to admit it, but you know it's happened.

8 Simple Tips That Will Make You Write Faster and Better

by Linda Stacy September 28th, 2012

Every small business owner needs more time. One way to find it is to work faster. For online business especially, writing places a big demand on time. Free up some of that time by using these simple tips to write faster and better.

Setting a Fallback for Post Thumbnails in WordPress

by Ryan Cowles September 27th, 2012

I've noticed when working on larger sites with multiple authors one of the most common things to slip through the cracks is setting a featured image. While this shouldn't break your theme, it can create layout inconsistencies or (shudder) broken images. Lucky for us, we can easily provide a fallback, and I'll tell you how.

The Quick-Start Guide to Turning Content into Links

by Tom Demers September 27th, 2012

Once you publish something, do you sit back and watch for your tweet counts and Facebook share stats to creep up, hoping for a handful of visitors? You can take this approach, or you can take a more proactive approach, turning each piece of the top-quality content you've so carefully crafted into dozens even hundreds of valuable links.

5 Steps Towards Increased Blogging Productivity

by Jason Habing September 26th, 2012

Process driven blogging productivity improvement.

Do more, better.

How To Find Pages Hit With Panda

by Lyena Solomon September 26th, 2012

The main thing about Panda is that you can see the problems when you look at the page. What we are trying to do is find those pages quickly to look at them and improve.

Increase Web Page Speed: Optimize Your JavaScript

by Joydeep Deb September 25th, 2012

In years 2010 Google announced that it is incorporating site speed as one of the over 200 signals that we use in determining search rankings. There are many ways to improve the website performance and reduce the page load time, which includes Minimize HTTP Requests, Optimize Images, Optimize CSS & Java Scripts and Cache-Control etc. […]

Find Guest Post Opportunities With One Powerful Query

by Yaniv Kimelfeld September 25th, 2012

Most "how to find guest post opportunities" rely on doing multile queries.

This post shows you how to get to those opportunities with just one powerful query.

How to Get Users to Follow Your Brand on Pinterest

by Wasim Ismail September 24th, 2012

Just like other social networking sites, Pinterest lets other users follow each other. Just like any other form of social engagement or advertising it requires some form of investment whether financial or time. Just take note that if it's planned and executed well, the returns will be as fruitful.

Facebook App Development – Step Two: The Development

by Farah Kim September 24th, 2012

Second in a three part series on Facebook app development. In this installment: the development process and the generic procedure Facebook app development companies adopt for creating and deploying a successful application.