Uncovering and Expanding Your Local Search Presence

by Mike Wilton September 21st, 2012

Uncover existing opportunities for your local business and help outline how to expand from there.

Today good marketing equals good content — and the other way around. But how do you get there? Where do you start?

Using AuthorRank To Future-Proof Guest Posting

by Patrick Hathaway September 20th, 2012

Guest posting is in danger of becoming over-run by low quality 'articles' that offer nothing new to the reader. Authorship is one way in which Google could look to separate the wheat from the chaff – here Patrick from Ideasbynet presents some ideas on how this could be implemented.

A lead capture page is a unique webpage, usually known as "landing page". I prefer to call it with its technical name because I think it's more appropriate. A good online marketing campaign is useless without a great landing page. The main aim of a lead capture page is to persuade your web visitors to […]

Depending upon your local business goals, Pinterest can be a great way to build your customer engagement. However, like with other social media platforms, its important to understand the nuances of the audience on Pinterest and craft content which will resonate with that group. The following are seven steps your local business should take to […]

4 Tools To Help Generate Content Ideas

by Wayne Barker September 19th, 2012

Since the fall out of Google Animal Apocalypse there has been lots of talk of content and content marketing. None of this is new, Google has been preaching content since the day dot and savvy Internet Marketers have been using content for years. The panic that Google has caused appears to have been pretty widespread […]

It's not that difficult to navigate Twitter, but, as a new user, some basic know how to make your experience more enjoyable and productive.

You know your industry and space better than anyone. You know who your communities big-wigs and influencers are but you’re struggling to build relationships with them. Here are three tactics that can work incredibly well when done right. You might already be doing these with other people. Turn them on your targeted influencers – in a genuine way – and watch the relationships flourish.

How Bad Content Is Ruining SEO

by Unmana Datta September 17th, 2012

For marketers and SEO people, duplicative, badly-written content is hurting us, because it makes it more difficult for our audience to see the good stuff (ours, of course). So here's a list of what-not-to-do that I, on behalf of all of us, am pleading you to follow.

Targeting Interest Categories in AdWords Display Advertising

by Louise McCartan September 17th, 2012

Using Google AdWords Display Advertising, you can show ads to potential customers as they browse the web. There are several ways to target these customers. For example, you can select the specific sites that you want your ads to appear on (placement targeting), or create a context from a selection of themed keywords, placing your […]