To A/B or Not To A/B? That Is The Question

by Robert Brady September 14th, 2012

These guidelines should help you determine which testing approach is best for your situation and how you can get started.

Kickstart your Competitor Analysis

by Anthony Contoleon September 13th, 2012

For any business online, ranking for the terms that drive traffic to products that sell is just the first half of the battle. Ensuring you keep that valuable search traffic is just as important. Competitor analysis is a vital part of any ongoing optimization plan, especially if you rely on traffic from sought after search terms.

As Google continues its quest to provide its users with the most authoritative and relevant search results, the folks over at Mountain View have devised a strategy for connecting authors with their content.

Their technique is called AuthorRank, and it's shaping up to change how quality content is pushed through the SERP's.

Enterprise SEO, the logical question

by Kevin Adams September 12th, 2012

a matrix for Web Marketing Managers to analyze Enterprise SEO and the fundamental causes resulting in change. Additionally, we will discuss how you can apply this tool to your Search Marketing Strategy.

Make Your Site Even More Mobile Friendly with Responsive Design

by Manish Bhargava September 12th, 2012

Is your website optimized for mobile devices, and how flexible is it to adapt to the many different resolutions of the various smartphones and tablets on the market today? In other words, do you know how the experience will be for users viewing your website on Sony Ericsson T715 or iPad mini rumored to release in October of this year?

Women Rule the Web and Your Pocketbook

by Gini Dietrich September 11th, 2012

But, at least online, the glass ceiling is beginning to be shattered. Not only does social media create a level playing field, women rule the roost (80 percent!) when it comes to purchase decisions (not a surprise) and brands are turning their attention to them.

3 Surprising Reasons Branding Makes You a Better Writer

by Kimberly Bordonaro September 11th, 2012

Branding builds better businesses.

But did you know it also make you a better writer?

We call awesome when we see it. Use these two tips — one orthodox and one … well, let's say uncommon — and you will see more engagement in your stream.

Two years ago YouTube launched TrueView video ads. Now Google has released TrueView ads to all AdWords accounts. Here's how to cash in.

10 Easy Ways to Find Blog Post Topics

by Unmana Datta September 7th, 2012

Sometimes you're slumped; what to write about this time? This week? This month?

But getting ideas — the right ideas can be very easy. Here are 10 ways to do it quickly and effectively.