How To Effectively Work With A PPC Long Tail When The Tail’s Too Long

When your long tail runs into the tens of thousands of phrases before permutation, you have a problem. The trick for a successful and comprehensive long-tail PPC strategy is to be effective. Rather than permutating every possible keyword 'stem' with every possible location, build your keywords and ad groups strategically.
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When Guest Blogging is Useful (and When It Isn’t)

Like any tool, guest blogging is good for achieving certain objectives, not all of them. Too often, internet marketers try to use the wrong tool for the job and then blame the tool (or avoid a useful one that might do some good). Recognize the job you have to do, before choosing your tools.
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Organic vs Paid CTR – and Who Gets The Clicks [Infographic]

SO how well does organic search perform over paid search? And who clicks those ads anyway?
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The Proper Way To Measure Social Success With Google Analytics

Social has taken the web by storm. And there's no denying its influence in driving traffic to websites and enhancing user interaction at new levels. Here's how to track your use.
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Finding Linkbuilding Prospects Using Google Discussion and Blog Search

Let's look at two Google search types that may give you better results.
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The Definitive Guide to SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research may be the most undervalued facet of SEO. While most webmasters will happily dedicate hours to reading backlink strategies and on-page optimization tips, very few spend the time needed to learn proper keyword research methodology.

Thats a shame as [...]

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