Schools – Link Up with LinkedIn

Business professionals have been using LinkedIn as a networking platform since its launch in 2003. LinkedIns recent revamp will bring a sharp rise in user engagement as the website offers a new profile design for Company Pages that will allow [...]

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10 Blekko Secrets

Although much less popular than Google and Bing, Blekko popularity is growing rapidally. At first glance, Blekko is quite similar to these major search engines, however its added value lays in its 'slashtags'. Slashtags are simply filters that [...]

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How To Use Quora For Marketing

Quora Useful for Marketing?! What?!

You came alone in this world. The moment you were born, questions were raised: what will be his name, which educational institution will he go to, what will he grow up to be? The moment you [...]

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Using Skitch to Build Your First Simple Infographic

Skitch is a great tool for producing simple infographics. Best of all, it's free and works on Windows, Android and Apple OSs.

Step 1: Do A Little Research

If you're using Skitch it's also worthwhile installing Evernote as the two have been [...]

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How to Use Instagram for Your Brand in 5 Steps!

It's no secret that Instagram is taking off as one of the most popular photo sharing outlets. The photo-sharing app, which was purchased by Facebook, has over 8 million users, including brands. The amount of opportunity this app has is [...]

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Finding and Using Original Data for Content Marketing

Where can you find original data to stand out from the pack, and what does it take to put it to use?
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The Google AdWords Trap: Chances Are You’re Paying Too Much for Your Google AdWords Clicks


What if I told you that you're paying too much for your Google AdWords clicks? What if I told you that all that time you've invested into building highly-targeted, long-tail Google AdWords campaign was in vain? What if I told [...]

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4 Kickass Resources for Beginner and Expert Link Builders

Looking for the best place to publish that awesome piece of content? Want to know about up-and-coming sites to get great links from? Trying to get a site mentioned in the media? Then congratulations, you're probably a link builder.

And since [...]

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Facebook and Twitter – Lessons for Schools

This is the Digital Age for schools and it's time to go back to the classroom to find out how schools can use Social Media to their advantage. Most schools nowadays have a great website that can be [...]

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8 Principles of a Lead Oriented, Demand Centric Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing can be summarized as a means of marketing wherein the potential of the content is optimally leveraged through the use of audience defined mediums and channels of distribution, to create maximum impact; this in turn can be measured [...]

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