Your Link Building Blueprint for 2013

by Wayne Barker December 13th, 2012

It seems that every post that I have read about link building in the last few months starts with the words 'since penguin' or 'in a post penguin world' or 'since the black and white furry apocalypse' . This is all fine – and a couple of them actually contain some decent advice. But what […]

Well, it has in fact been well over a year now. A lot has changed since April 2011, and in some ways, a lot has remained the same. Here is what happened; 11th April 2011 – My main site was heavily affected by the now notorious Panda Update. I wrote here about it here in […]

4 Steps To Manage Your Social Profiles When You're Strained For Time by Tanner Christensen "10 minutes isn't hard to find, for anyone. If those 10 minutes just so happen to be when you're in the bathroom on your iPhone, fine, whatever works. Just find 10 minutes a day to log-in as you and respond […]

When people want to make some money online by blogging or selling things as an affiliate they don't really think about what they are going to do once they have a site. They don't always know what to expect. If you are thinking about starting a blog, becoming an affiliate or you are looking to […]

Note: this is a how-to SEO article intended for small business owners–those of you who sell a physical product or perform a service (versus being a web-only company) and spend most of your time growing your business rather than focusing on SEO or link building. However, you're already web-savvy and know the gist of SEO […]

Content Marketing Rule of Thumb: 1500 Words a Day?!

by Mike Sobol December 10th, 2012

You've heeded the admonitions to produce more content. You understand that publishing fresh, original ideas are an important part of your marketing plan. You also know that quality matters. But how do you know if you're "doing it right?" Are you producing enough new content? Probably not. Let's settle this issue right now. To make […]

WordPress plugins are such a fantastic set of features. There are so many, that do everything from adding shortcodes to enhancing productivity, content marketing and SEO. But my favorite are those that allow you to add multimedia in the posts. Especially anything connected to YouTube, where I feel some of the best videos are located. […]

Learn how to get links when Google says that all you have to do is write it and they will link.

In today's competitive business environment, revenue growth rarely happens by accident. While steadfast determination and successful project management play integral parts, putting in place an efficient revenue chain represents a key facet to any successful operation. It is therefore important to help ensure a consistent and sustained growth considering a step by step approach. In […]

The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Alicia Thomas December 6th, 2012

Because Google+ content will appear in Google's natural search results, it's important for your local business to have a page of it's own! Did You Know? Google+ attracted over 100,000,00 users within the first 6 months of its launch! Tweet This Stat! 63% of Google+ Users are men with a tendency to post about technology. […]