5 Simple Ways to Troubleshoot PPC

by Luke Alley January 24th, 2013

Have you ever had to troubleshoot a crying baby? I have and am going to again next month when my wife and I have our first girl, Emma! Its not easy those first months as you are getting to know each other. However, I can tell you that the majority of crying babies simply need […]

It is the bane of bloggers, the crucible of copy writers, and an amazing album by Peter, Bjorn and John. I'm talking about Writer's block, and I'm experiencing it now. That inconceivable moment when the clicking of the keyboard comes to a crashing halt. How do you respond? This blog explores SEO tips on content […]

There is no doubt that by default, Google Analytics offers some fantastic reporting however sometimes we need more, luckily for us Google Analytics allows us to craft our own custom reports to find out exactly what we need. In this article, I'll explore setting up a custom report and show you the incredible power of […]

Responsive design refers to a websites ability to act as a chameleon, easily toggling between a traditional website and a mobile one. A responsive website uses media queries to understand the device its being loaded on. In a matter of milliseconds, the website decides how to display itself depending on screen size, pixilation, and format. […]

All About Facebook Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Brittney Dudar January 22nd, 2013

Reaching over 1 billion users this past fall, Facebook remains the largest social network. Facebook offers a number of ways for businesses to connect with and engage their target markets, and has one of the best advertising platforms that exist on social media. Whether your business goals consist of increasing brand awareness or increasing engagement […]

Hello from Bing Canada

by Andrew Yang January 21st, 2013

Hi everyone, My name is Andrew Yang and I am the Search Evangelist for Bing Canada. Part of my role as an evangelist is to connect with the Canadian community of Bing Ads users and be the voice of our products and research throughout the year. My goal is to be a great resource for […]

Blog Better in 2013: 3 Things You Never Thought to Do

by Mandy Boyle January 21st, 2013

With the arrival of 2013 came the flood of New Year's resolutions. We're all going to write smarter, link better, analyze more, and debate less. Like every year, we start off with good intentions, but rarely do we have a to do list of HOW we're going to accomplish these goals. So, as I look […]

10 7 Things We Didn't Know a Week Ago [Week 03]

by Ruud Hein January 18th, 2013

Claiming a Twitter username that's already in use is easy as long as the account is dormant. It essentially involves one step. Submit an impersonation claim to Twitter. testlio Get a fake Facebook girlfriend. Or if you're cheap an ex-girlfriend. 99 Brazilian Dollars (about 50 bucks at the time of writing) buys you a relationship […]

14 Point Site Audit for SEO

by Patricia Skinner January 17th, 2013

In the same way no two writers approach a writing project in an identical way, there is huge scope for individuality in the way that seasoned SEOs tackle the all-important site audit, without which you have no foundation for effective SEO. In fact, a thorough site audit is possibly one of the most important items […]

Localized SEO is different than other SEO campaigns. To put it simply, it isn't so "macro". There are usually no departments that you are dealing with. There is less money. In most cases, it is a highly intimate relationship between yourself and the business owner. Smaller doesn't necessarily have to mean less though. If you […]