Get more out of Google Analytics

by Anthony Contoleon January 17th, 2013

Google Analytics is easily the most popular web analytics package available. It is free, easy to set up and offers a lot of functionality by default. It isn't perfect and like most other tools it comes with a number of limitations such as sessions and how it samples data on high traffic sites. However this […]

Facebook has launched what CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls Facebook's "third pillar", after Timeline and News Feed; Facebook Graph Search. The tool, a search engine really, indexes all the information on Facebook, from photos posted to things liked. It filters that information down to that which is shared with you (by the people you have on […]

Your blog's title is the first thing that any reader will come across and is often the sole piece of information using which they make a decision to click through. Therefore, it is very important that you create titles that get people to want to read. The primary underpinning of any great headline is to […]

The Rising Influence of AuthorRank In 2013

by Lior Levin January 15th, 2013

The days of Google PageRank's link-based dominance are numbered. While it's no secret that Google has been working on undermining the SEO manipulators who use link building schemes and black hat methods to rise in the search rankings, we now know that 2013 will mark the rise of AuthorRank. Google has been working on ways […]

How to Do Keyword Research in 10 Minutes

by Aviva Blumstein January 15th, 2013

I remember when I first learned about keyword research. The in thing then was formulas that used some combination of the number of monthly searches, the number of Google results, standardizing coefficients and the placement of the moon in relation to Mars. As I gained more experience in actually doing keyword research, I realized that […]

Making Pinterest Work for You

by Adrienne Erin January 14th, 2013

You can't deny Pinterest is a power-player in social media. Despite only launching in 2010, it's the third-most used social media site in the United States. A visually-oriented medium seems like a no-brainer for brand building and indirect marketing, but no one seems sure how best to capitalize on Pinterest's popularity. Part of the problem […]

The term "link bait" doesn't get tossed around as often as it used to. Which is a shame considering that this fundamental SEO strategy still works like crazy. And why wouldn't it? You're creating killer content that people naturally share, discuss (and most importantly) link to. Why Link Bait Died…And It's Triumphant Comeback With so […]

Facebook Is Here To Stay – Is Your Business?

by Chris Marentis January 11th, 2013

Facebook is a hugely popular social media website, and there is no indication that its popularity is on the decline. It comes down to this People are your customers, and online the majority of people are on Facebook. If your customers are on Facebook, then your business should be there too. Your business can leverage […]

The 13 WordPress Plugins For 2013

by Eileen Lonergan January 11th, 2013

I have written on plugins before, and the funny thing is, I really am uber sensitive to using plugins sparingly, as this is an easy way to "break" your site or provide a gateway to hackers. On the other hand, a solid plugin can really be a time saver and performance enhancer, so a site […]

A Basic Conversion Optimization Process

by Robert Brady January 10th, 2013

Over the last month or so I've started working with a couple new clients. One project is a landing page that will be hosted on a partner's website and the other project is a landing page for paid search (PPC) traffic. One is in the payment processing industry and the other is employee recognition software. […]