How To Track and Identify Your Social Media Wins

By now you know your business needs to get involved with this wild and crazy thing they call social media. You've forged a Facebook page, tinkered with tweets, and lit up LinkedIn, but is it actually working? How [...]

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How To Add Rich Markup To A Page #microdata

What is rich markup?
Rich markup on a page results in a rich search snippet on Google SERPs. According to GWT: Rich Snippets Guidelines
Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page in a way that makes it even [...]

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Why You Should Be Remarketing Your Business Online

Any business that wants to get real with their online marketing needs to be remarketing itself online. You know when you go to a website then you see their ads follow you around the web, that's Google Remarketing. In this [...]

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How To Write And Publish Your Ebook In 14 Steps

Even before content marketing became all the rage, one particular form of content marketing has been already making rounds for quite a long time, and that form is ebook marketing. Ebooks have been used since early days of online marketing [...]

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Bare Bones Link Building Advice

In an interview I did with link building expert Eric Ward, he and I discussed whether the Google Penguin update would make site owners pay serious attention to their link building efforts. After all, recovering from a penalty [...]

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How to Blog Consistently: 10 Ways to Make the Habit Stick

Blogging consistently is a real challenge for anyone busy with, well, a business. Resolving to produce more content is one thing, but finding a way to make it happen is quite another. Here are some simple solutions to help make [...]

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Simple & Effective Competitive Analysis For Your SEO Campaign

So to make your life a "little" easier, here's a simple, effective way to increase your website's visibility in the shortest amount of time. The process is the oldest business strategy to date: analyze the leading competitors in [...]

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How To Not Make The Mistake 15 Million Posterous Bloggers Made With 63 Million Pages

Blogging service Posterous closes.

It's taking 15 million blogs with 63 million pages down with it.

Any service, any business, can fail at any time. Yours can too - but only you have your best interest in mind. Others will throw you [...]

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Track Link Building Outreach like a Boss with Evernote

Evernote is considered the king of personal productivity software among technology nerds, and for a good reason. It is an elegant, minimalist, and extremely flexible application with native desktop and mobile clients, as well as a web client. With Evernote, [...]

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Shift To Local Internet Marketing Continues To Grow In 2013

Based on a recent study of large businesses and national brands conducted by Balihoo (a local marketing firm), it has become apparent that businesses will continue to focus more of their marketing efforts in 2013 on local internet marketing. Over [...]

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