First the responsive newsfeed, then Facebook Home, and today there were changes to Facebook Pages. If it wasn't apparent that Facebook was serious about being "mobile first" before, it certainly is now. Why change the Pages layout? Over 680 million people access Facebook via a mobile device every month, and people engage with brand pages […]

Sometimes in our industry it's quick to jump to the conclusion that if sales are down, it's time to do one of the following: a) Spend more marketing dollars b) Spend less marketing dollars In this blog post we'll talk about, Option c) Simple tweaks to your website that cost $0 but can potentially grow […]

Having managed a portfolio of social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes and types, I still continue to get asked by business owners "why should my business be on Facebook?". I answer this question with this analogy. As a business owner, having a large billboard on a dense traffic route such as the Don […]

Website Checklist: Essential Content for Your Personal Brand

by Kimberly Bordonaro April 22nd, 2013

"What information should I include on my website?" With all of your efforts in positioning your company, creating your brand platform, establishing services and products that will change the world, and selecting a fantastic website designer, that question can leave any entrepreneur scratching their head. So what crucial information needs to be included on your […]

We learned in the First Part how Pinterest can be used in a beneficial manner for performing optimization of a business site on search engines. In this part we will observe that as spectacular as this foundation may be, what we do not really like is when we observe inappropriate promotion ways on Pinterest. Loopholes […]

It's called Googladaption – SEO Essentials for 2013

by Aires.Loutsaris April 19th, 2013

Once upon a time I was a very naive, "go with the flow trust everyone" type of a kid. Nowadays I'm quite weary and sceptical towards everything people tell me which is quite hard for me especially being the free spirited Pisces I am. This is called Adapting. I have also had to apply this […]

10 Things We Didn't Know A Week Ago [Week 16]

by Ruud Hein April 19th, 2013

1. One Box Results Can Decrease Click-through On Organic Results By 65% In a working paper, Zhenyu Lai and I measure the impact of OneBox by using a quasi-experiment before and after the introduction of Google Flight Search. Using a third party data service, we compare user behavior on searches across thousands of search queries […]

In the world of internet marketing, there is nothing more important than link building Even with the evolution of SEO and the introduction of social media as a new Google ranking metric, link building is still one of the most important SEO strategies one can employ. How does one go about implementing effective link building? […]

How to Deal with Google Suggest Defamation

by Dan Virgillito April 18th, 2013

Some people say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It's funny how much time and energy companies and brands devote to marketing activities when a big source of trouble is there, in front of their eyes and needs to be fixed before anything else. As people type their name, Google […]

Today Twitter launched a keyword targeting option, drastically improving the value of their advertising products. Intent is the strongest indicator of potential interest in an advertiser's offer. For this reason, AdWords has become an unbelievably successful product; this search/intent targeting has catapulted Google to the forefront of direct response advertising online. This new product from […]