What Chris Hadfield Did Right (And You Can Too!)

by Carla Barker May 24th, 2013

As television was to the man walking on the moon in 1969, Social Media is to Commander Chris Hadfield's 5-month stint on the International Space Station (ISS). Evan and Kyle Hadfield, Chris' sons, began preaching the merits of Social Media at a family gathering in 2009 and again when it was announced that Dad would […]

Using Buzzstream's BuzzBar With Link Prospector

by Wayne Barker May 24th, 2013

BuzzStream has always been a great tool for collecting and organising your link prospecting and outreach. It did, however, suffer a little in the fact that you had to navigate away from it to qualify the sites that you had on your list. This resulted in a lot of back and forth as you checked […]

We no longer create websites that have fixed size layouts of 960px wide. With an ever-growing range  and variety of different screen sizes we now create websites that visually look great no matter what device they are viewed on: Responsive Design. What are the current trends in web design that would give your website the […]

Businesses will frantically look around for new consumer behavior trends. Will the mobile be the future of the web? How will mobile consumption patterns evolve? What products and services are making it to the top of the consumer mind share? How do you explain eco-trends, more-ism, emerging markets, and new technologies? Or as Trend Watching […]

How To Really Use Twitter Hashtags

by Jessica Davis May 22nd, 2013

Twitter users originally used hashtags to categorize and identify their tweets. It became so popular that Twitter decided to integrate it into their platform and improve upon it. Hashtags are now used to categorize tweets, to help twitter users find tweets on certain topics, and to identify trending themes. They are also a great way […]

As social capabilities mature they become like any other business process or work flow and need to be documented as such. Let me first start by saying there is such a thing as good process and bad process. I recently read this post on being a slave to process over on Overit.com and a lot […]

Perhaps one of the more troubling conundrums that SEO's face is canonicalization. Running a close second is pagination. Here's An Example You have an e-commerce website and you want to rank for "beach towels". Currently, you have a category page that points to a section where all your beach towel products are organized and displayed. […]

Different social media sites provide a different benefit for users. Having a well rounded approach to your use of these networks is key to properly utilizing them, which means targeting each with a specific approach. You have to optimize content, making sure it is shareable based on each demographic that you will be aiming for […]

Let's say you are a small business owner who wants to make their brick-and-mortar store popular online. Or, let's say you are a local SEO consultant who is helping the said owner with Internet promotion. What marketing tools can you use to perform the task faster and easier? Well, as there are quite a few […]

Websites need to be clear for two audiences; for the search engines so they can make sure the site is ranked high enough for people to find it, and it has to be interesting enough for us humans that come to those websites to stay and contact the site owner. Google changes their requirements up […]