Google Is Not Out To Get You

by Nick Stamoulis May 9th, 2013

This may be hard for site owners to hear, but Google doesn't really care about your websites success. What they care about, just like every other online business owner, is their target audience. You might be in the business of selling enterprise software, dog grooming services, or small business financial consulting—Google sells the organization of […]

"Contrast is the difference in luminance and/or color that makes an object (or its representation in an image or display) distinguishable." – Wikipedia In the real world, contrast simply helps us distinguish objects from each other. On the internet, contrast is important because it allows designers and marketers to actually guide the attention of visitors […]

The Formula For Local SEO Success

by Chris Marentis May 8th, 2013

Local marketing experts will tell you that the world of local search marketing is highly competitive and oftentimes intimidating. However, with the inclusion of the "7-pack" on the first page of Google's SERPs, there is at least a target that businesses can shoot for to achieve local SEO success. The overall formula for winning at […]

How Any Business Can Take Advantage of Pinterest

by Adrienne Erin May 8th, 2013

Pinterest is great for photogenic businesses. Some businesses are just naturally pinnable: clothing retailers, photographers, and any business that works with food has learned this already. They can just read about how to use Pinterest for business and get started. But what about all those un-photogenic businesses? Businesses that sell a service, not a product, […]

How to Manage Your Sales Funnel With Twitter

by Brian Farrell May 7th, 2013

Although CRM tools like and SugarCRM are now somewhat ubiquitous, they are often too feature-rich for solo and small sales consulting. So what's a sales pro to do? In combination with Outlook or a simple calendar to keep track of appointments, here's a way to use Twitter as your CRM, and fully transition from […]

8 Tips to Reduce Your Cost-per-Conversion

by Nick Supapol May 7th, 2013

Conversions, conversion rate and cost-per-conversion are without a doubt the 3 most important PPC metrics. All 3 influence each other and together decide the profitability of your campaign. Whether you feel you're paying too much per conversion or if you think you've hit that sweet spot, there is still always room for improvement! Below are […]

By now we've all heard that social media is the way to go, that it's the key ingredient for any business. Ok, sure you say, smiling on the outside, stomach churning on the inside trying to figure out what this key ingredient is. You may have read success stories like Naked Pizza's but you're still […]

3 PPC tactics to try without breaking the bank

by Lyena Solomon May 6th, 2013

The world is changing, advertising is changing, Google AdWords is changing. And you feel you need to be doing more but you do not have a lot of time and the budget is limited. There are still three things you can do with your pay-per-click dollars to convert more leads into happy customers. Google AdWords […]

In today's tough economy, more people are turning to eCommerce as a new career choice or 2nd income. The booming eCommerce statistics show it's a field worth considering but how do you get started? So many amazing ideas that end before they even get started so you may need a little help along the way. […]

In the five years that I have worked within the world of search engine optimization and social development, I have had the opportunity to work with businesses and clients that run the gamut in size and access to resources. From couples running an e-commerce website in their basement to Fortune 50 brands, both types of […]