Project Management – How We Do It

It doesn't matter whether you are agency side or in-house when it comes to online marketing campaigns. You cant get away from a simple truth; online marketing is now a complicated beast.

At any one time you are likely to be [...]

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2 Rules For GIF Marketing

In case you missed out yesterday, we began a new blog series entitled The 12 Days of Content. Over the next 11 days, well be gifting you with some great tips for optimizing your content. On the first day, we [...]

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The 12 Remarkable Google Changes of 2013

As usual, Google made some changes over this last year. To be more specific, Google made a lot of changes over this last year. Many of these changes didnt receive the best feedback from users, but as usual once again, [...]

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1 Killer Tip On How To Get Your Video Viewed

Inundated with the holiday spirit, we here at SEP have been inspired to give the gift of knowledge this season with a super awesome blog series called (drum roll) The 12 Days of Content. Over the next 12 days, [...]

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5 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Yelp!

Yelp! Most small businesses have a love/hate relationship with it. They love it because it's a great way to earn some added exposure online and through the Yelp! app, but they hate it because one bad experience can severely damage [...]

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The 12 Best Social Media Marketing Tips of 2013

The rules of social media change all the time. The plan that works one year might flop the next. The past year is no exception, as some creative marketers created campaigns that cemented the importance of some rules, and even [...]

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3 Shocking Polls on Local Search

I was recently part of a panel on local SEO put on by BrightLocal. With a couple hundred attendees I'd say we had a pretty good sampling. During this presentation we polled the audience and I found some of the [...]

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How to Map Out Your Content Placement

Whenever you're planning your content strategy, you have a lot of options in terms of where you can place your content. You can publish content to your own blog or upon other blogs as either guest posts or sponsored posts. [...]

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Great Service Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Content Marketing is all the rage, and for good reason. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to reward content that is useful for people, rather than over-optimized thin content.

Marketers are catching on, and as a result there are [...]

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How to Use Google Hangouts on Air to Boost Your Content Marketing

Google has always been very focused on keeping a highly social element to their services. Now they are also looking to integrate those same services into more intuitive and interwoven features. Google Plus Hangouts is one of many endeavors that [...]

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