Top 5 Inbound Marketing Campaigns 2013

by Amy Haddow December 6th, 2013

Inbound marketing has been the buzzword (or buzz-phrase) of 2013. The online marketing practices of successful companies are now entirely customer-centric and focus on presenting information and interesting content at a suitable time and place; that is, not pushing sales oriented material upon customers or bombarding them with self-promotional rubbish that makes your CEO feel […]

SEO and PPC: A Data Match Made in Marketing Heaven

by Jordan Bell December 5th, 2013

The fight between pay per click marketing and search engine optimization has been raging for years. Listen to one side, and you'll hear that marketers need to focus their resources on search engine optimization (SEO). Others argue that pay per click (PPC) provides bigger revenue – after all, 50% of people who click through from […]

With the release of the "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" movie, I couldn't help but notice a striking resemblance between the ferocious hunger games and the growing challenges that bloggers experience to find quality blog topics. If Katniss Everdeen, the winner of Suzanne Collins' hunger games, was a blogger how could she win the blog […]

These Are The 4 Key Principles of Integrated Marketing

by Vincent Clarke December 4th, 2013

Integrated marketing deliciously blends all the various disciplines of selling a product or service into one unified battle strategy. The distinction is crucial. Integrated marketing is not a marketing strategy, but how you deliver a marketing strategy. Often times this is misinterpreted by the act of adding marketing tactics to your overall plan. Many people […]

Tracking and attribution is vital to your online marketing efforts if you have some kind of goal in mind, from building engagement with your online platforms through to generating sales. If you are unable to tell what works from what doesn't you can't make decisions about your online marketing mix to reach your goals. Of […]

Back in May 2012 Google announced the launch of the Knowledge Graph, a brand new mechanism to help searchers "discover new information quickly and easily". But what exactly is Knowledge Graph? Where does Google get the knowledge? And how, with so much information out there, does Google know what to display? If these are the […]

We can't say we didn't see it coming! All the signs were pointing to it. Google has been systematically penalizing websites for bad SEO practices and poor or unsuitable content creation. It was only a matter of time before websites with the good stuff got rewarded. Dear Marketers It's that time of year again when […]

A Marketer's Guide to Facebook Marketing for 2014

by Craig Robinson November 29th, 2013

As 2014 quickly approaches, many are just now creating their Facebook pages and thinking about using the social network to build their brand and market their services. Others who may already be established are also looking to start anew in '14, using a revitalized approach of what's trending in the latest incarnation of social media. […]

6 Ways QR Codes Can Close Sales & Delight Customers

by Andrew Marsh November 28th, 2013

QR codes are being underutilized. Many products feature them; most of them get it wrong. You don't direct your PPC traffic to a generic page, so why do you direct your QR code to a generic page? QR codes are great for two things: helping to close a sale and delighting your customers. If they […]

How To Get A Google+ Custom URL

by Sharjeel Sunderani November 27th, 2013

Google started rolling-out long-awaited custom URLs for public profiles and business pages this month. You may have seen them trending as #customURLs on G+ or heard about Google vanity URLs " all of these names refer to one thing: the custom web address for your Google+ profile or business page. Still not sure what Im […]