How to Better Interpret Google Analytics Data

by Andrew Marsh July 2nd, 2014

So you have just logged into Google Analytics and you are surprised to see an increase/decrease in traffic (hopefully it was an increase). Now your boss is wondering why and you are scrambling to find a reason. Being able to better interpret data from GA will make your life a lot easier.You will be able [...]

The 5 Local SEO Factors That Matter Most

by Jon Ball July 2nd, 2014

For business owners, SEO can seem a bit too convoluted at times. As a business owner, you have hundreds of issues to deal with and SEO may seem like a foreign and overly technical concern. Nevertheless, SEO is essential to online success. Things can become even more complicated if you're a local business as local [...]

When using an e-mail campaign to further an online marketing strategy, it can often be difficult to assess how well it is working or not working. Unless e-mail is the only form of marketing used to spread awareness for a website, there is little way to tell if a visitor found the site through e-mail [...]

  This October, Yelp will celebrate 10 years operating their online review service, or as they like to call it, an "online urban guide and business review website". Over the past decade, the site has evolved dramatically, and has proven to be an excellent consumer resource for finding local services within various industries. Whether a [...]

Much of the day to day activity of digital marketing departments and professionals involves handling large amounts of data. The modern digital marketer or SEO is bombarded with tools for collecting, collating and crunching a whole range of data and metrics, from web page analytics and backlinks to SERP rankings. From website analytics to keyword [...]

Use segmentation to achieve one-to-one email marketing success.

SEO Strategies for 404 errors

by Carla Barker June 27th, 2014

Despite a webmaster's best efforts it happens from time to time, a page is overlooked during a website redesign or a redirect is not applied to an updated URL and the result…. It's not surprising that a visitor is left frustrated and leaves when 404 Page Not Found message is not properly optimized, there's no [...]

A lot of my friends have been asking me lately if I'd share something about how musicians can further their SEO efforts, so this post is dedicated to them. In this article I will detail step by step how a musician can leverage the Internet as a marketing tool without ever having to hire a [...]

7 Ways to Make Your Existing Content Go the Extra Mile

by Jennifer Davis June 26th, 2014

Great quality content is essential for generating revenue for your online business. Googles latest algorithm update supports this statement as it rewards websites with quality content by giving them higher SEO ranking. With a higher position in search engines, the result is more traffic to your website. More traffic inevitably results in an increase in [...]

How to Reuse or Repurpose Your Social Media Updates

by Sameer Panjwani June 25th, 2014

So your team does a good job at producing kick-ass content, but you are not really sure how to take it from there. Of course, the content is going to be published on your blog, but how to spread the word about it? Saying Hey, check out our new blog post! everyday might generate a [...]