3 features you need to know about Google Instant

by Tony Tie September 9th, 2010 

Google has unveiled a new feature called Google Instant Search on Wednesday. It is designed to help users access search results more quickly and easily than before. For those not in the know here are 3 things you need to know about Google Instant Search:

1) Faster Search Results:

Google displays complete search results as you type. This is based Google AutoComplete suggestions. Say if you type F, Google will first suggest Facebook. From that, the page will display results based on the suggested word Facebook. As you continue to type, the display results change. Say the next letter is L, Google will then change the suggestion to Flickr.

2) You can disable/enable Instant Search:

For those who rather the traditional search workflow, Google gives the option of disabling Instant Search, prompting users back to the traditional Google search homepage. Simply click on the Instant is on tab located right next to the search bar. Then select Off. To enable Instant, simply click on the same tab and choose On.

3) NSFW results are censored:

Even with Safe Search Filters off, Googles AutoComplete excludes certain terms related to pornography, violence and hate speech. As such, potentially offensive results will not be instantly (or accidently) displayed while searching.

For videos on Google Instant watch the follow below:

Tony Tie

Tony Tie worked in the world of advertising and video production for a few years. He worked on many TV commercial campaigns before switching to the online industry. He currently works with many large international brands and agencies to strengthen their on-line presence. He is also the founder to THiNK Video - an explainer video company. Follow him on Twitter @tonytie

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