Google Realtime Search is a platform for users to monitor conversations about a particular subject on the web by sifting through blogs, social media posts, news sites, and much more, all in real time. Since its release in 2009, Google has made many small changes to the platform. Recently Google has announced 3 big new features that will deepen and optimize any research you may have. These new features include: location refinements, conversation view, and Google Alerts for updates.

Location refinements:

Users can now refine their feeds by location. For searching for feeds near your location, click on the Nearby button located on the left hand side of the site. Or if you wish to research any feeds from a particular location, you can manually type it in under Custom Location.

You can choose to restrict your location search to a specific area by clicking on the location tag on the search results.

Conversation View:

You can now follow a full conversation threat of any feed of the search result. This allow users to see up to the second replies from the initiate conversation. This can be done by clicking on the Full Conversation button located under the feed.

Syncing with Google Alerts:

Google Alerts now has a Realtime Search option available in drop menu. As such you can get e-mail updates on a particular subject you are interested in from Realtime Search results. This is done by typing in the subject of interest in the Google Alerts platform and selecting Updates under drop down menu besides Type.

If you wish to watch an instructional video about the new features, click on the image below:

Tony Tie

Tony Tie worked in the world of advertising and video production for a few years. He worked on many TV commercial campaigns before switching to the online industry. He currently works with many large international brands and agencies to strengthen their on-line presence. He is also the founder to THiNK Video - an explainer video company. Follow him on Twitter @tonytie

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