5 Marketing Mediums We're SO Over (Yet Still Work)

by Madison Hewerdine October 14th, 2011 

Here are 5 marketing tricks and techniques were so over as a society and why:

Going Door-to-Door


Door-to-door worked best when people were home during the day.

These days it's common for a household to be based on two incomes. This means that going door-to-door will not work is less effective.

Newspaper Ads


There are fewer and fewer people who rely on the newspaper to get updates on what is happening in the world.

Television, the internet, and smartphones have made getting the news much easier -- and a lot faster than reading a newspaper.

As fewer people buy and read newspapers, less people look at the ads in the newspaper.

Sales Calls


A list of numbers is given to a caller who calls each number on the list hoping to get someone interested in a product.

While this marketing trick became old very quickly and hasn't lost much of its effectiveness.

Snail Mail


Regular mail, or snail mail, costs more money and takes more time than just sending a quick email.



Billboards are used to show off businesses and products to those passing by. The technique is still used because it can be effective but is overshadowed by the many more useful internet techniques.

Madison Hewerdine

Madison Hewerdine is an author who writes about a predictive dialers and has a passion for singing.

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One Response to “5 Marketing Mediums We're SO Over (Yet Still Work)”

  1. Tom says:

    Interesting post.

    It's not going to be long until we see billboards etc. subject to real-time bidding and clever targeting through some interface like Adwords, so I think when the systems behind these other channels are updated (where possible) they will catch up again to some degree — it's probably only the inability to react as fast as search (and provide hard conversion data) that makes them less appealing from an investment standpoint.

    Like the retro graphics too!