5 Web Tools You Certainly Didn't Know Yet

by Ruud Hein December 9th, 2011 



Explore Twitter hashtags and their relations.

Excellent as a keyword research tool.





Have your business address on your site? Maybe even a Google Map showing where that address is?


Now enable your visitors to one-click send that information to their smart phone where they're actually be using it.





Gamification Q&A

Gamification is and remains hot in marketing and has both its proponents and opponents.

But how can you gamify a YouTube account to add value? Or how does gamification change consumer attitude?

Not sure? Use the Gamification Q&A site. Gamification.com is a service looking to gamify life itself but the Q&A section is open to anything.



Domain Hole

Good set of tools to absolutely, one-hundred percent find a domain name.

  • Expired search
  • Name spinner
  • Instant check
  • Complete check
  • Name generator
  • Alerts
  • Bulk check
  • Brainstormer

And talking about gamification (see above), they also feature the world's first domaining game.




Track how your web advertising campaigns are doing by monitoring conversions, reach, etc.

For those who don't like to use Google Analytics or prefer a specialized tool.


Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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One Response to “5 Web Tools You Certainly Didn't Know Yet”

  1. Hi Ruud,
    Thanks for the domain search places. I haven't come across domain hole previously.
    Wow the Gamification Q&A is fascinating stuff. One wonders where this will lead to in the coming years online.