5 Year Twitter [Timeline]

by Ruud Hein March 21st, 2011 

It's in 2006 that Twitter goes live: the year Google buys YouTube and moves into China, the year Facebook opens up to everyone, and the year of Google's Big Daddy Update.

So what happened? And where were you? (Really wanna know? Check these where were you Twitter tools)


  • Twitter launches
  • People find Twitter inane






Where Were You?

Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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4 Responses to “5 Year Twitter [Timeline]”

  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Hey there Ruud…as ever you are on top of the #trending# topic…you just need to get this in to a pretty infographic now!!

    • Ruud Hein says:

      Thanks for your confidence in my graphic abilities but as you may remember from my How Search Really Works series, my graphics require info to point out what the graphic is :)