A bundle of SEO tools

by Donna Fontenot November 30th, 2006 

You do use WeBuildPages' great SEO tools, right? I mean, hey, they are free. Besides that, they give you all sorts of great info. I've been using some of the tools for a long time. I'd say how long if I really remembered, but I don't. Just know that I've used them for quite some time, and if you haven't been, you should really check them out.

Whenever I start to analyze a site for optimization, I always use both the Top Ten SEO Analysis Tool (I think it used to be called Cool SEO Tool), and the Backlink and Anchor Text Tool (I think it used to be called the Neat-o Tool). Jim has certainly improved the names of the tools, but whatever they are called, they give great info.

I use the Top Ten SEO Analysis Tool to do competitive research. It's a quick way to determine how far I might have to go to be able to compete with the top 10. Fairly often, backlinks are one of the things that a site is lacking in comparison to the competition. So, running the Backlink and Anchor Text Tool is a great way to get started on link research. If I need extra backlink information, then I move on to the Deep Link Ratio Analysis tool.

There are a lot of other interesting tools as well, but those three are the ones I use most often. Armed with all of the info from those results, I usually have a solid idea of what I need to do with an SEO campaign.

I frequently admit to my bad memory, and I rarely rely on my memory to go to a website. But for some reason, I've never had to bookmark the Internet marketing tools. I guess that says a little something about how much I like these tools.

Note: This has been a paid, but honest, review.

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3 Responses to “A bundle of SEO tools”

  1. simleon says:

    Hi, I want to thank you for this wonderfull service you offer. Im doing the same thing in Italian with rankfirst.info .

    I think your blog is the best SEO blog in the net.

    Thanks a lot and good work.

    Italian SEO

  2. earlpearl says:


    I also value those tools and lol…the price. For a competitive analysis I like Jim's tool and Rand's tool at SEOMOZ.

    They are also great for evaluating old sites and urls and determining a relative worth. On top of that Jim's blog is excellent.

    He and his co-workers have come a long way in naming tools. I think one of them used to be called tool #9 or something like that. LOL


  3. Those tools mentioned in the post are really good! My favoutites as well :) BTW nice blog you have here! I have been RSSing it for a while so I might as well also register!