Adam Lasnik on link exchanges

by Donna Fontenot November 21st, 2006 

Adam Lasnik said on Google Groups:

...reciprocal links have been around forever, and Google doesn't frown on engaging in reciprocal linking in moderation.

The key here is, indeed, moderation :) . If, say, 90% of your backlinks are reciprocal, that's probably not going to improve how our algorithms view your site. Or worse, if 90% of your backlinks are reciprocal and not likely to be of interest to your user.

But exchanging links here and there -- *especially* when done with clear editorial judgement (e.g., you're not just accepting dozens of link exchanges willy-nilly) -- that's not the sort of thing Google looks down upon.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit!

Always nice to get some words from the horse's mouth.

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