Will Reinhardt

Do you remember the first time you made a relatively minor change to a web page -- to the title tag for example -- and then you came back a couple of days later and you were on the first page of Google for one of your coveted terms? That feeling is both powerful and liberating at the same time, a twisted combination of He-Man and Skeletor, and I knew I wanted more of it.

I spend a majority of my time helping people track keyword rankings at SeoKeywordRanking.com. I work with a small team to keep everything running smoothly, and that seems to work for us.

I originally have a design background, but slowly became more engrossed in the technology of creating websites. From there it was a natural progression towards learning all I could about search engine optimization. I've worked for several large companies, as well as a St. Louis marketing firm but am happy to say that I now work for myself.

I'm honored to be included among such elite company here at Search Engine People, and will strive to submit worthy articles.