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Co-founder of Level343.com, an organic SEO company that specializes in ethical, organic website traffic, Gabriella is a powerhouse of innovative ideas and marketing techniques. She puts her knowledge of industry standards, marketing, design and more to good use, working with clients to get the online reputation and recognition they need for success. Since Level343.com’s inception, Gabriella has worked with clients from many industries, including REITs and real estate, green cleaning, private investigation, coaching and marketing, as well as many others.

Top 3 Characteristics of a High Quality Blog, Totally Simplified

With lists counting tens of rules your blog should adhere to to be considered unique, what really matters? 3 Focus points to keep your blog relevant and real.
By |March 30th, 2011|Content|7 Comments

10 Steps To Google’s Real Social Search Results

What do you really have to do to get into social search?
By |March 2nd, 2011|Social Media Marketing|7 Comments

4 Reasons We Procrastinate – And What You Can Do About It


The disease is sweeping the nation. It seems to be affecting small business owners (and even large corporate owners) everywhere. Its called (drum roll please) procrastination. For example, this article would have been out days ago, [...]

By |February 16th, 2011|Content|9 Comments

Keeping the Conversation Going is ORM

Being known as a social guru is something a lot of us working on the Internet aspire to in todays social networks. Right? Well, Ive noticed that some people " followed by many and well respected " give [...]

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15 Second Twitter SEO Do-Over: Making Social Count Every Which Way

Make sure you get full value from your social media efforts: instantly optimize your presence and use of Twitter (+ bonus tips)
By |January 5th, 2011|Social Media Marketing|3 Comments

Microblogging – Establishing Authority in 140 Characters… or Not

Theres this blogging platform. Normally, blogging platforms can build up thousands of readers, but it could take years to do it. With this blogging platform, however, you could have over 1,000 readers in less than a month.

Its crazy. The viral possibilities of this blogging platform are unreal. You may have 1,000 readers, but you can guarantee that many of these readers will pass your blog onto tons of people. Not only that, but the more informational your blogs are, the more helpful they are, the more theyll be passed around.

If you havent guessed yet, then you have either been living under a rock, or are a closet user... this blogging platform is called Twitter.


By |December 14th, 2010|Social Media Marketing|1 Comment

Web Writing and Writing for Print: It’s Not the Same Thing

Before the Internet, writers wrote and readers read. However, like most things, technology left its mark on the writer/reader relationship. For the Internet, writers write and readers scan. This is the largest difference among many between writing for the Web and writing for print.

Think about it. When you read a book, for the most part you plan to settle down with it and take awhile. Whether fiction or nonfiction, books are generally read for long-term pleasure.


By |December 7th, 2010|Content|4 Comments

6 Tips on Post-Conversion Behavior: After the Landing Page Works

An amazing amount of online business owners think conversions are the main goal of a website. They’re only part right, and the part that’s missing makes a big difference.

Too often, people focus on the single conversion, forgetting those that came [...]

By |November 23rd, 2010|SEO|2 Comments

How to Bring Visitors to Your Site – And 6 Ways to Keep Them There

Strategies to bring visitors to your site and ways to keep them there -- happy and all.
By |November 9th, 2010|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|2 Comments

Web Design – Why More is Sometimes Less

When the web design company shows you a fancy, technologically advanced site design -- should you take it?
By |October 26th, 2010|Web Design|4 Comments