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Co-founder of Level343.com, an organic SEO company that specializes in ethical, organic website traffic, Gabriella is a powerhouse of innovative ideas and marketing techniques. She puts her knowledge of industry standards, marketing, design and more to good use, working with clients to get the online reputation and recognition they need for success. Since Level343.com’s inception, Gabriella has worked with clients from many industries, including REITs and real estate, green cleaning, private investigation, coaching and marketing, as well as many others.

Ten Year Coma, Copywriting, Marketing and Guilt

Copywriting 2010 is not "just" writing. It's not "just" marketing. It's something more, something else. Learn to see and follow the red line through modern marketing copywriting.
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SEO and Link Building: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Links

If you’re convinced that links and link building are for suckers and pansies, it’s time to wake up and smell the caffeine. Links don’t need you, but you do need them. Why? Without links, you’re just another Internet upstart cluttering up the Web.

It may seem harsh, but it’s the truth. Links from relevant, high quality sites show the search engines that your site is a valuable asset. Links get the attention of the SEs, make your site more credible and help build relevancy.


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Building Online Authority: Have You Given Up on the Sale?

Think back to why you originally started to blog. Although blogging once was more like sharing a journal with anyone and everyone, many are now snatching up blogging domains for business use. You hear many optimizers say you need content [...]

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SEO and the Big Blog Undertaking

Creating a great, well rounded SEO / SMO campaign can be a huge undertaking, especially when dealing with all the facets, tools and time involved. Now, the majority of the work, as you probably know by now, will be in [...]

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What Is A KEI?

This is a true story. It goes something like this:

A friend of mine (who I will call Bob to protect the innocent) is a great copywriter. He asked me to help him with an SEO article. Now, I’m all about [...]

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Social Networks: The Redheaded Step Child

Its 10:57 a.m. CST on a cloudy Monday morning. I check my email and somebody has kindly decided to follow me. As I normally do, I click to view their profile to see if I think following them will bring [...]

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5 Tips for Better Online Success

Are you stressed about where your next dollar is coming from? Have you been blogging and networking for months, only to look back and find you’ve spent tons of time with no results? Although some individuals seem to be able [...]

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Email Marketing: Buying, Building, Doing

Most business owners try to find creative ways to stimulate their bottom dollar. Usually, they do what is most comfortable, which is what they know best. However, if what youre using isnt giving you the results you need and want, [...]

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You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Clueless, by: pegafli

Day in and day out, we all have a million things we want to do versus one million things we have to do. We own websites that need traffic and conversions, but have a limited budget. We want to do it ourselves

There are plenty of how-to articles out there Link Building in 20 Days or Less! they proclaim, or Writing 100% Conversion Copy! Why have a link building campaign, though? Why is it important to understand conversion goals? The most obvious answer for both questions is to get more traffic and, ultimately, to get more business. But " are link building campaigns and increased conversions as simple as writing, say, ten articles a month?


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The Internet: Your Marketing Money Pit

A good business plan has to be flexible, adapting to the times. Smart business owners listen to what consumers, customers and clients expect, want and need, then adapt their business plans to meet those needs and expectations " but have you adapted too much? Are you paying too much attention? Are you spending thousands of dollars to keep up with what you believe is consumer demand, only to fall short on your ROI (return on investment)? [...]

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