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I'm Vice President Business Development at Search Engine People. Prior to joining SEP, I spent 10 years with Canada's original search engine, the Yellow Pages Group. I worked in several key Departments including Marketing, Business Development, eProducts, Local and National Sales. My passion is my family. When not attending my Daughters soccer games, piano & dance lessons or school assembly, I'm focused on delivering strong result for our clients and researching and writing about local search, Yellow Pages, mobile marketing and social media.

Friday Funnies: The Next Tweet

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Friday Funnies: Link Bartering

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Friday Funnies: Tech Savvy Parents

A great tip for parents as the kids head off to school next week.

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Friday Funnies: Best Friends

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Friday Funnies: A Day In The Life Of A Link Ninja

I know you guys are always on, so this one is dedicated you,
the SEP Link Ninjas. The best in the business!

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Friday Funnies: Real Follower

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Friday Funnies……Will Not Fix Your Computer!


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Friday Funnies: The History of The Telephone





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Friday Funnies: Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!

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Friday Funnies: Enterprise 2.0
































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