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I'm Vice President Business Development at Search Engine People. Prior to joining SEP, I spent 10 years with Canada's original search engine, the Yellow Pages Group. I worked in several key Departments including Marketing, Business Development, eProducts, Local and National Sales. My passion is my family. When not attending my Daughters soccer games, piano & dance lessons or school assembly, I'm focused on delivering strong result for our clients and researching and writing about local search, Yellow Pages, mobile marketing and social media.

Friday Funnies: Crappy Programmer

Thankfully, no programmer at SEP has been promoted

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Friday Funnies: The First Captcha

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Friday Funnies: The Last Judgement

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Friday Funnies: Warning Labels For Bloggers

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Friday Funnies: If MySpace Were A Person


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Social Networking Going Mobile

In last weeks post wrote I that Local Search is predicted to be the killer app for mobile phones based on a Juniper Research report predicting that Local search is to account for 43% of cumulative mobile search advertising [...]

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Friday Funnies: Slogan Of The Month

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Local Search Predicted to Be Killer App for Mobile Phones

According to a new Juniper Research report, 1.3 billion mobile users are expected to use local mobile search services by 2013. While the trends bode well for for the mobile search industry (agencies and marketers alike) the report goes [...]

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Friday Funnies: When World’s Collide

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Its Not Easy Being Green

I'm a stats junkie. I just love surveys, research papers and opinion polls, so its no accident that I enjoy sharing my finds with the our readers. I look for ways to use the information in order to [...]

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