Blue Jays Home Opener Contest at SEP

by Caitlin Melvin April 1st, 2011 

SEP is no stranger to team spirit, sports, and competition. And when we do show our team spirit we make sure to go all out - especially when it's cheering for local teams like the Toronto Blue Jays.

In lieu of the Jay's home opener today, SEP took full advantage of adding some competitive edge to our team spirit. So naturally, we wanted to see who the biggest Blue Jay's fan is at SEP. We invited employees to don their desks and cubicles with Blue Jay's paraphernalia, and wear any fan gear they own.

Judging by the photos below - you will see just how important healthy competition is at SEP. Who do you think should get the winning title "BIGGEST BLUE JAYS FAN AT SEP"?


The Desk of Miss. Knapton

Lindsey Knapton

Here we have the desk of Lindsey Knapton. Lindsey is known as a fierce competitor at SEP, but more-so she's known as a huge Blue Jays fan. Her desk is scattered with framed photos of players she has big crushes on, autographed items (she has tight security on everything), jerseys and any other items that would make a true fan gasp.

Ron Hutchison's Humble Abode

Ron Hutchison

Ron Hutchison, a newer member to SEP decided to make his introduction to the team a competitive one, by possibly stepping on the toes of others. His plan to beat out the other Blue Jays fans may just work... What do you think? He does have a nice little collection going on at his desk.

Brad Abbott's Neck of The Woods

Brad Abbott

And then we have Brad Abbott who never misses an opportunity to show team spirit for both the Jays and SEP. Since ping pong is such an important part of SEP culture - he thought it would be a good idea to tie in the two sports. He has his Blue Jay's hat... an autographed ball... and his winning ping pong paddle.

Tyler Calder's Cozy Corner

Tyler Calder

Last, but not least, Tyler Calder showed his love for the Jays by turning his desk into a miniature replica of the Roger's Centre... well not quite, but he does get points for those bases. Once in a while you'll see Tyler standing on third, waiting for his big moment...

And The Winner Is...

Stand by for the announcement to be made later today on The Top Blue Jays Fan at SEP. We want to know which fan you think should win. Leave a comment and let us know. Stay tuned for the winner! (Update coming soon to this post.)

Caitlin Melvin

Caitlin works at Search Engine People. She loves internet marketing, and has a passion for social media. Caitlin is a former competitive cheerleader, a crazy cat lady, and a work-a-holic.

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9 Responses to “Blue Jays Home Opener Contest at SEP”

  1. It has to be Ron. He has more years supporting the Blue Jays then Lindsey & Tyler & look at his waist. It's clear he has attended more games & consumed more beers & hot dogs !!!

    GO BLUE JAYS !!!!

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks for all the great posts but the jays are terrible and we took your best player :) Go Angels!!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Lindsey Knapton!

  4. LINDSEY KNAPTON all the way!!!!!!! Go KNAPERS! you love the Jays more then anyone I've ever met! ;)

  5. Cheryl Knapton says:

    I vote for Lindsey Knapton. She is clearly the biggest fan!

  6. Jen says:

    L.Knap all the wayyy!

  7. Leslie says:

    Linds all the way!! She's a much bigger fan the guy who brought bases into the office!

  8. bebber not beiber says:

    Go Linds!! if you married Adam Lind your name would be Lindsey Lind..

  9. I think Ron looks like the true Blue Jays Fan. He looks ready to meet some Blue Jay players after a romping of the Twins tonight. Can't take anything away from the rest of the SEP Blue Jay Fans though. I think the clincher is to compare what autographs they have….

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