SEP CEO Jeff Quipp Named 20th Most Influencial Marketer of 2009

by Helen M. Overland January 12th, 2010

We at SEP are ecstatic to announce that SEP's CEO Jeff Quipp has been acknowledged as one of the "Top 20 Most Influencial Marketers of 2009" by "This is a real honour" says Jeff. "I'll be honest though, its our team that deserves the credit. By being able to trust that they'll perform the […]

SEP CEO Jeff Quipp in the Toronto Star

by Helen M. Overland January 5th, 2010

SEP's very own Jeff Quipp was prevalently quoted in the Toronto Star this week, in an article titled Social Network Economy Leaving Business Behind. Jeff is very well known in the search and social media industry, and is very well respected. In reference to this article, Jeff responded by saying "its very gratifying to be […]

SEP Moves to New Corporate Headquarters

by Helen M. Overland December 14th, 2009

Search Engine People Inc. is very proud to announce the opening of our new corporate headquarters in Ajax, Ontario. The new 12,000 sq ft facility, located at the Ajax GO Train Station, will allow Search Engine People to meet the continually growing demand for Internet marketing services. Due to our 100% per year growth, more […]

SEP is very proud that its very own Jennifer Osborne is being honoured this week as Google AdWords Help Forum "Blogger of the Week". In particular, Google's Bindu was captured by the post "Small Business PPC – 26 Mistakes That Cost You Money". Interestingly enough, the post is more than 1 year old. Google's Bindu […]

I am really pleased to announce that Search Engine People has been named one of Canadas fastest growing companies by Profit Magazine. In fact, we are ranked as the 87th fastest growing company. The rankings were just released at 9 am EST this morning here! Weve known for a long time that weve got a […]

For the last two years, the only way to become a guest poster or contributor at Search Engine People was by invitation. Knowing the secret handshake helped, owning the decoder ring essential. But in the end, you needed an invitation. Today we're changing the game; we invite you to write a guest post or article. […]

I'd first like to thank everyone, including, who has helped support IM Spring Break thus far and our great line of speakers for speaking at the content-rich three day conference. We are very excited to host what may just be the conference of the year. Contest Winner We'd like to take this opportunity to […]

Its ironic really, everywhere I look in the media its all doom and gloom. Financial systems are crashing worldwide, some people are buying all the canned goods they can muster. Unemployment rates are increasing substantially everywhere! Here in the world of search though, we're as busy as we've ever been, and cannot find enough GOOD […]

Over the last couple of years Search Engine People has grown tremendously. But we didn't come out of left field: we came out of the SEO community. We studied together, we learned together, we researched together; together we've been flabbergasted by moves that Google has made, have wondered why they killed a good site but […]

Search Engine People Purchases

by Jeff Quipp November 12th, 2008

Its true. I'm very proud to announce that Search Engine People (SEP) has purchased from DazzlinDonna Fontenot. Although sad to be selling SEO-Scoop, DazzlinDonna had this to say: "its been my baby for 5 years, but as with parenting, you've got to let your kids go at some point, and let them gain independance. […]