5 Techniques for Generating Content Ideas

by John Rooney March 10th, 2014

"Make sure you're regularly posting fresh content. "Oh yeah, and of course it has to be unique and useful and relevant and share-worthy and…" Sound familiar? The SEO industry is awash with advice like this and it's true – it is important to be regularly creating fresh content that is going to be of benefit [...]

10 Tools to Help You Generate Content Ideas

by Amanda DiSilvestro March 3rd, 2014

Take it from a writer: Coming up with content ideas is going to get old, fast. If you want to post an article everyday on your blog as well as offer content as guest articles, youre going to have to do a lot of writing. This might mean you have to do the writing yourself [...]

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Not to get too philosophical, but the message behind this musing has similarities to that of content promotion. For our purposes, it can be used to allude to the creation of content that nobody will [...]

Google ranks content, not companies. For this reason, content creation is perhaps the most crucial element of SEO as it exists today. Search engines are engaged in a relevancy arms race, meaning that they are trying to provide the most relevant, useful results to their users. People conduct searches to find answers to questions, and [...]

While it was acceptable in years gone by to have a website with poorly written content, this is no longer the case. In order to enjoy successful content marketing, it is imperative that your readers are provided with top-quality content that is able to answer all of their questions. Provide Content That Is Media Rich [...]

How To Write A Great Blog Post

by Jonny Ross February 13th, 2014

Thinking of writing your own blog? Read these handy hints beforehand to ensure you write the best blog post possible instead of the world's worst one. Writing a blog post is one of the best ways to improve your own or your businesses online identity and it should feature as the key element to your [...]

Content Marketing Vs Link Building – What To Focus On

by Chandni Panjwani February 12th, 2014

Digital marketers today face a difficult SEO dilemma. What's more rewarding: keyword marketing and link building or content marketing? What are the arguments for and against choosing one approach over the other? In this post, we'll address what you should be doing to improve your search traffic: classic SEO with techniques like keyword targeting and [...]

Are you working on your content marketing plan? Use these 25 questions to figure out what your plan should include:   1. What is your business strategy? 2. What products do you want to focus on? 3. What markets do you want to reach out to, including prospects, employees, investors, influencers? 4. What brand strengths [...]

How to Write the World's Worst Blog Post

by Andrew Marsh February 7th, 2014

People love to write about writing the perfect blog post. The world is full of blog experts ready to teach you about taking your blog to the next level. I am beginning to lose my interest. That is why I have set out to teach you how to write the worlds worst blog post. Follow [...]

At the base of all content marketing initiatives is the desire to attract, acquire and engage a target audience that is clearly defined and understood. This target market segment functions largely as a group – and understanding the dynamics, as well as the psychology of the masses can provide some valuable insights to content marketers. [...]