"Questions Are the Answer "- Anthony Robbins In his masterpiece "Awaken the Giant Within", renowned peak performance specialist Anthony Robbins dedicated an entire chapter to explain "Questions Are the Answer" success mindset. Simply put: If you ask quality questions, you will receive quality answers. Lets apply this timeless tip and raise this critical question: Do [...]

5 Common Misconceptions About Copywriting & Search

by Alex Simmonds April 14th, 2014

1. All You Need Do is Pay Someone $5 to Churn Out Keyword Stuffed Articles. Don't even think about it. Content has to be all about quality. Don't think you're saving yourself money by hiring the cheapest writers either – chances are that English won't be their first language and your site will end up [...]

Should My Ecommerce Site Have a Blog?

by Kirsty LaVier April 4th, 2014

Should your online store be all work and no play?

Write Copy That Sells Without Selling Your Soul

by Justin Norris April 4th, 2014

We've all encountered a stereotypical slimy salesperson at least once. Why is it so creepy? Its because hes not a friend " he's a predator. His aim is to make the sale, whether the customers needs are satisfied or not. Hell bend or break the truth to do it. He knows how to twist emotions, [...]

The 5 A's of Content Marketing

by James Duthie April 3rd, 2014

Marketing through content is one of the pillars of modern SEO. The ideation and generation of content should be based on this model.

Content Marketing Curator Plugins for WordPress

by Eileen Lonergan March 28th, 2014

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is an online marketing strategy in which a company creates and distributes relevant and valuable content for the purpose of engaging and building a specific target audience. Examples: Your business offers SEO services, you write about news, events and trends in search engine marketing. You are a dentist, you [...]

Old Content, New Heat: How To Warm Your Blog With Aged Content

by Matthew Kaboomis Loomis March 26th, 2014

Normally when people think of things that improve with age, these five things come to mind wine balsamic vinegar cheese cast iron pans pickles Here's why you can add blog posts to this list. Blog content you have already published should be viewed like pieces of firewood seasoning in your archived wood pile. These posts [...]

An In-depth Guide to Content Curation

by Sameer Panjwani March 26th, 2014

Content curation is something that spurs quite a few debates over the web, and its not even about its usefulness or effectiveness – most people agree that content curation can be valuable, but there seems to be some discrepancies about its very definition! Yes, that's what Internet guys fight about; its nature. So how about [...]

Infographics should be a part of any great content marketing strategy because they make complex information easy to digest and are shared widely online with ease. That said, they differ from traditional forms of content in that there are many ways to repurpose a single static infographic to further engage your audience and continue benefitting [...]

How to Outsmart your Competition with Video Content

by Matt Witkowskyj March 19th, 2014

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of media in our history. According to ComScore 1.2 billion online videos are watched every single day, the majority of which are uploaded onto YouTube. To nobody's surprise, this trend is predicted to continue well into the future, with Cisco estimating that by 2016, 55% of [...]