5 Powerful Awesome Htaccess Redirect Tricks [How To]

Master the simple redirect as well as the art of the rewrite rule.
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Stop Wasting Your Time On These 3 Types Of Content Marketing

For the last couple of years we have heard nothing but declarations of the importance of content marketing, and that it really needs to be the driving force behind our SEO campaigns. 'Content is King', remember?

Well you will find no [...]

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37 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Here's the brutal truth about writing and publishing blog posts: they're useless unless you actively promote them. You need to put just as much time and effort in promoting your blog posts as you did writing them. The success [...]

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Bee The Bee's Knees: How You Can Become THE Resource In Your Niche

Every website owner wants to be popular, and it is understandable why. Ad revenue, brand visibility, regular traffic, sale conversions, affiliate programs, and much more are dependent on the popularity of your site, blog or company. Without a strong tone [...]

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4 Types Of Interactive Content That Drives Leads

So you're looking for content that will drive engagement, generate leads and lead to greater exposure online? Consider interactive content.

Interactive content is different than your normal "read me and share" fare that many content marketers use to generate inbound links. [...]

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10 Tools To Help With The Content Creation Process

If there is one thing small businesses don't lack, it's access to a wide variety of tools to aide in the content creation process. The only true way to figure out which tool you enjoy using the most and find [...]

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5 Really Useful Tips On Connecting With Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is more than just another trend in digital media. It continues to gain popularity because it's powerful and its impact reflects on the bottom line of your business. In fact, a report by SocialChorus reveals that .

Influencers are [...]

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How To Write Blog Posts That Tug At Your Readers' Hearts

Every blogger dreams to write a post that tugs at their readers heart; a post that goes viral on social networks. But the sad reality of blogging is that even after writing stellar content it is challenging to gain a [...]

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How To Create Traffic Driving Roundup Posts Efficiently

I am not a morning person. Quite the opposite, actually.

Sometimes at night, when everyone else is sleeping, I find myself lost in highly relevant-to-my-life quizzes (Are You More Ina or Jeffrey?) and endless chains of internet roundups.

(Nailed it.)

These roundup topics [...]

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Engage Your Customers With Effective Content Marketing Strategies

We are swimming in a sea of content on the web. Ever since Google decreed that content is king, content marketers have been churning it out like their jobs depended on it. Some of it is stuffed with value and [...]

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