25 Amazing Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

by Matt Janaway August 28th, 2014

Recent research shows that 53% of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization. 35% of the businesses report a conversion rate of less than 1%. It wouldn't surprise me if a good chunk of businesses don't even know their eCommerce conversion rates. For this reason, I will be highlighting […]

Has your long-drawn-out and painstaking research finally led you to the Holy Grail of landing page knowledge – the best colour for a form button? Red? Green? A risque yellow? Another blog post on proposing the best colour for call-to-action buttons is likely to send me to a very dark place. Maybe, there is no […]

For many small businesses on-page SEO is possibly one of the most important area to get right, especially when if you are in a relatively non-competitive market. However, all too often small businesses get this wrong. Brand awareness is important, as is a good catchy sales pitch that will encourage readers to pick up the […]

So you've earned a conversion through a kick-ass landing page – congrats! But, if you think that's where it ends, you're sadly mistaken. You turned a user into a buyer and now is the PERFECT time to push marketing ROI even more with landing page conversion optimization for confirmation/thank-you pages! That's right folks, a thank-you […]

When I think of conversion optimization and how I can better optimize a site, I always try to think of what the user experience would look like in a real store. If you haven't already seen it, Google analytics has created a series of real life videos which demonstrate how UX would translate in real-life […]

Five-year-olds grow and evolve quickly, much like the world of digital marketing. They may only be a half-decade old, but – whether unwittingly or not – these three-foot beings are masterminds at conversion optimization. "Give me a cookie!" … "May I please have a cookie?" These little rug rats will try everything to get their […]

All too often, most of the focus is placed on optimizing the home page and landing pages to get higher conversions, but little attention is paid to the 'Thank You' page and value of the traffic that's already completed the goal. The Thank you page is your opportunity to reinforce that they made the right […]

Metrics That Matter

by Diane Aull June 9th, 2014

If search rankings aren't a good measure of site success (I don't think they are – and they're getting less significant every day) then what metrics should site owners be tracking?

LinkedIn has 250+ million users. The vast majority of them are on LinkedIn for one of three purposes: 1) Find a Job, 2)Check Out a Job Applicant/Potential Job Applicant, and 3) Build Their Professional Network. Note that these are all business focused tasks. Thus, advertising on LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity amongst social networks. Namely, […]

When was the last time you took time to analyze your customers and understand how they're interacting with your (or your client's) website? For those of you who have never done this, tread carefully. It's an incredibly overwhelming world that can suck you in and never let you go. It's a wondrously nerdy world of […]